Best Signage Tips and Material and How They Are Beneficial for Small Businesses

Every business, big or small, needs to constantly work towards guiding their customers to their store and making them choose their brand over others. One of the most common and most beneficial ways of doing and achieving that is through foamex sign printing. Board printing businesses help you with the best types of signage that is suitable for your small business.

Just because you are a small business, doesn’t mean you do not have to go through the required efforts of putting up signage and attracting attention towards your business. The reason why foamex board printing is suitable for you is that almost every kind of business prefers foamex sheet or foamex printing over other signage materials. 

But for doing that, there are certain signage strategies you must keep in mind, following which you can get the best foamex signage and make good use of it. In this blog, we will guide you through some of those signage strategies and also how these strategies are beneficial for your small business.

  • Visible Signage: The main purpose of having a foamex signage is to make people aware of the services you provide. Customers hardly spend 5 to 7 seconds to go through a signage and then keep going on in their search of whatever they are looking for. 

By creating the perfect, eye-catching foamex signage, you will be able to make sure that a customer stops and notices your signage. Make your business name and your services visible and clear through your signage. When the printing is clear and legible, your foamex signage will have a better visibility. 

  • Using the right font: Fonts can easily define what your brands stand for. Choosing the right kind of font while foamex sign printing or foamex board printing, will help you market your brand better. 

Good fonts are those that are legible and do not require much time to go through them and are also able to convey the message and feeling that your brand wants to invoke in the customers. There are some fonts that suit better for an outdoor foamex signage while there are other fonts that are better suited for foamex signs used indoors.

In addition to the fonts, make the content on your foamex signage bigger in size so anybody can easily go through it. Decide the size of the content so that a fast moving traffic will also be able to notice and understand your message. Avoid all kinds of clutter in your foamex board printing. 

  • The Colour Mix: When designing and printing a foamex signage, deciding on what colours to use is one of the most important aspects. Use the colours that best define your brand and that invoke a good feeling in the person reading your foamex signage. 

You can choose lighter shades for letters while using darker shades as the background colour of the board. Choose colours that are bright and feel vibrant and that can easily attract attention. But don’t go all out with really loud neon colours, because that will backfire and the foamex signage will lose all its essence. 

There are reasons why I have been emphasising having foamex board for your signage or use foamex sheet for printing your signage. Keep reading to know the benefits of this amazing, versatile board printing material.

  • Lightweight and durable: A foamex sheet is lightweight and durable. This is important because as a business, sometimes you might have to move your signs to know which direction is better to attract the customers. Even if that’s not the case, it always helps to have a signage that is lightweight and can be used for longer time periods. 

A foamex sheet does not easily get affected by extreme weather conditions and offers the best quality for printing anything on it. The durability of the foamex sheet will mean that you will not have to worry about the signage for at least a few years.

  • Easy to use: Any printing business will tell you how much foamex is preferred over other materials, by both small and large businesses. A foamex sheet comes in three different thicknesses: 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm. You can choose the thickness depending on your requirements. Also, a foamex sheet is easy to cut into any shape and can be attached easily to any base of platform. This means, it will be easy to make use of the foamex sign board. Foamex 
  • Cost-effective: Be it a small business or a large business, every one is careful about the costs they incur for marketing and promotional activities. Board printing is a necessity for a business, but no business would like to spend too much on it. This is where a foamex sign board can be helpful to you. 

Foamex is a cheaper material compared to other materials used for board printing. Foamex offers great value for money and this might be one of the most attractive reasons for why you should try foamex board printing.

  • Versatile Material: Foamex sheet is a versatile material as it is not only used for traditional advertising and marketing purposes, but a lot of different activities at different places like schools, colleges, and corporate office. The durability and cost-effective features along with the varied uses of a foamex sheet, make it one of the most versatile and preferred material for board printing. 

Wrap up

A foamex signage is so popular that almost every business or industry is making good use of it. Businesses ranging from small grocery stores and supermarkets to large construction sites and exhibitions are making the most of a foamex signage. Even organisations like schools and colleges are deriving the benefits out of having a foamex signage for different kinds of activities. 

Along with mentioning some basic strategies and tactics for printing signage for your small business, I’m glad I also added which material you should be going for. Take it as a small guide to also choosing the material your next beautiful business signage is going to be made on. If you go to any board printing business, they will offer the same advice to you. 

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