What to Look for in a Good Laptop: RAM, Processor or OS?

Before purchasing a new laptop, we tend to think about a lot of things: what features do we want in a new laptop? What processor should the laptop house? There are multiple things we carefully assess before purchasing a new device, but perhaps, three parameters, in particular, are more important than anything else. Those are the laptop’s processor, its RAM, and the operating system that comes pre-installed with the laptop.

The question then remains: what should you prioritize? Should you go for a laptop that comes with the best-in-class processor, and not place as much weightage or importance on the RAM and the operating system? Or should you give greater weightage to the RAM size? Or perhaps, is it important to have a laptop that comes with the operating system of your choice, rather than the processor or the RAM size?

We analyze the above discussion and see what you should give greater importance to while purchasing a new laptop.

Laptop Processor

For an electronic device, whether it is a laptop or a smartphone, the processor is its heart. When you have a laptop with a decent processor, the device runs smoothly without any issues. Furthermore, if your laptop has a faster processor, your programs run faster and smoother. 

As far as laptop parts go, the processor is arguably the most important part. Most consumers make certain compromises to ensure that they get the best-in-class processor, even if it means they have to give up on more RAM size or internal storage.

Laptop RAM

After the processor, the second most important ingredient that makes the laptop tick is the RAM size. Best laptops under 50,000 INR today come with at least 8GB RAM, which is enough for a casual user, as well as photo and a few video editors. The latest HP laptops also come with 8GB RAM and are offered at a decent price point. 

To enjoy the best possible user experience, consumers have to buy a laptop that has the perfect combination of processor and RAM. This ensures that the laptop operates smoothly, while you can also multitask or switch between different programs easily. 

Laptop Operating System

One needn’t think too much about the laptop’s operating system, as it is possible to either upgrade the OS to the latest version or install a different operating system. This can either be done by a professional, or by an amateur user by following a few simple steps. 

Most laptops today come with Windows 10 Home OS, and depending upon your requirements or habits, you can either upgrade or install a different OS.

Final Verdict

A laptop’s operating system has more to do with convenience than anything else. However, it is imperative that you purchase a laptop that offers the perfect marriage of the processor and the RAM. Depending on your budget and your requirements, you can either make adjustments with your RAM needs or your processor requirements. 

For instance, if you want to edit videos and play heavy games, you can go for an 8GB RAM instead of a 4GB RAM, and come down from an Intel Core i7 processor to an i5 processor.

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