About Us

Hey everyone,

I’m Sunny Mishra from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, and I own this blog. Right now, I live in Delhi, and I’m studying MCA after completing my BCA from Lucknow Integral University. I started this blog in 2019 with a clear plan.

Welcome to shareexit.com! It’s all about quotes, WhatsApp statuses, and Instagram captions. Our team works hard to give you cool and unique stuff you’ll love. You can also find pictures that go along with the content for sharing with friends or putting up on your WhatsApp.

As for my job, I’ve been doing SEO (search engine optimization) in a digital marketing agency for the past two years. Overall, I have about three years of experience in SEO. Apart from my job, I also run this blog, and I have another one in Hindi.

I got the idea for this website while watching YouTube. I was curious about blogging and watched lots of videos from different bloggers. After some research, I decided to start my own blog. Now, after two years of work, this website has become a big part of what I do online. Thanks for being here!