5 Best Laptops for Playing Online Games in 2024

Immersing yourself in computer games is a part of real-time entertainment. With the help of superb graphics, audio & video quality, there are certain gaming laptops that you can easily afford. Just remember one thing, you have to choose the best-suited one, so decide and go for it after checking out the specifications. 

It is obvious that a gaming laptop has the ability to deliver a perfect gaming environment. On the other hand, it will allow you to create a good work station too. In addition to that, you can also synchronize the gaming data with your mobile phone. This will help in playing a certain game and maintain progress in both the devices. So, if you are unable to decide the laptop that you must opt for, then we can help you. Read to know more.

The Best Gaming Laptops: Explained

In this year, not caring about the pandemic situation, some of the brands like Asus, Gigabyte, Alienware, Razer Blade, have launched a few great and in-trend gaming laptops. This has triggered the perfect use of leisure time for the gamers, with fantastic games that are meant to be played either with friends or all by themselves. 

  • Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

Experts suggest that this device is one of the best gaming laptops ever made. It has the blazing fast CPU that contains AMD Ryzen 4800HS-94900HS processor. To support high-quality games, the graphics card is of Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060. You can upgrade the RAM up to 32 Gigabytes. The display is full high definition with 1920 x 1080 pixels. 

It has the two types of display refresh rates- one is 90Hz and the other is 120Hz. The storage facility is available in two variants- one is 512 Gigabytes and the other is 1 Terabyte. It’s thin and lightweight. Unfortunately, there is no webcam available in this device. While playing the games, the performance is very much impressive. However, the exhaust fan runs very fast, creating a loud sound. But, you can easily upgrade it as soon as a new release is launched, seek help from laptop repair Dubai for further details.

  • Gigabyte Aorus 17X

Gigabyte Aorus has a mind-boggling ability to conquer the place in one of the best gaming laptops in 2020. The device has the latest generation (10th) of Intel core i7-i9 processor. For smooth gaming experience, the host organization has given the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 16 series to RTX 20 super series. You can easily upgrade the volatile memory up to 64 Gigabytes. 

An anti-glare full high definition display with the refresh rate of 240Hz will help you to experience a perfect picture quality. For super fast software and games installation, you can use an SSD up to 1 Terabyte. The keyboard is impeccable but the weight is a bit on the heavier side. You will require two power adapters to power it on. 

  • Razer Blade 15

You will be just amazed by the 4K immersive display in this device. Razer Blade 15 is powered by Intel’s latest-generation octa-core processor. The built quality is just perplexing, with a wide range of upgradable CPU and GPU facilities. Thus, you create a perfect gaming environment.

It is the latest version of the year 2020. Whenever you will face any type of issues with the device, the professionals of laptop repair Dubai are always at your service. If you want to upgrade it or change the storage, experts can solve all these problems with ease. 

  • Alienware m17 R3

This overall master gaming device that is powered by Intel’s Core i9. People are very much fascinated about the two SSD facilities of 1 Terabyte each. The display is of 4K ultra-high definition. It is ideal for you if you are thinking of replacing your desktop. Leaving aside the features, the Alienware m17 R3 laptop has a sophisticated eye tracker. It helps in the perfect gaming elevation while playing an online game. And, this is recommendable as not all the gaming laptops have this facility. 

  • Dell G3 15

It is one of the cheapest gaming laptops that you can afford. It is powered by Intel Core i7-9750H with a graphics card of NVIDIA GTX 1660TiMax-Q. The volatile memory is of 16 GigaBytes. It has a good battery life and you can easily play games for a longer period of time. The display of the device is not up to the mark but the device is still in one of the best gaming laptops. But, according to market pricing, it is a must-have for computer game lovers.  

More things to know…

Each and every manufacturer of gaming laptops claims that their product is the best in the market. Are you going to buy all of them? Absolutely not. Along with this brief idea, start your own research before getting a device. Observe the ratings, user’s review as well as a performance review. If you are willing to buy online, after receiving the parcel open up and check whether all the accessories are in perfect order or not. If you buy from a retailer, then check the performance and overall structure of the device before making the full payment.

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