6 Top Reasons Why You Should Buy KTM Duke 250

If you want to buy a bike that is powerful but not too intimidating, you could go for the KTM 250 Duke. In India, the 250-cc segment is increasing quite fast. The reason might be the potential and feel that the 250-cc bike offers over a sub 200 cc bike. The KTM Duke 250 is one of the most popular 250 cc bikes available in the market. It comes with a considerate amount of package and is a good value for money bike, and is considered as the most all-rounder bike in the entire KTM line-up.

It may not be affordable for you to purchase KTM Duke 250 in one go. In that case, you can avail of a bike loan to finance your purchase. Bike loans come with easy-to-meet eligibility criteria and an affordable interest rate. The monthly EMIs are quite convenient to pay. So, availing a bike loan won’t burn a hole in your pocket, and it will also ensure that you don’t end up spending your entire savings in one go. 

So here’s a detailed list of top six reasons why you should consider buying a KTM Duke 250:

  • Mileage

The KTM 250 Duke returns a mileage of more than 30 km/l. Many users also claim that it returns a mileage of more than 35km/l in the mid-level traffic. In comparison, the bigger KTM 390 Duke returns a mileage around 25-30 km/l in the mid traffic. So KTM 250 Duke will save a substantial amount of petrol in the long term over the 390 Duke. 

  • Power

As compared to Duke 200, the engine of Duke 250 is quite powerful. With the added power, it can reach a top speed which is north of 140km/hr. The increase in size has also led to a decrease in vibrations and makes the entire rev range smooth throughout. 

  • Looks

The KTM 250 Duke has borrowed styling elements from Duke 390. Its styling can make you instantly fall in love with it. The sharply shaped fuel tank and taillight are way too attractive. The headlights are not full of LED but a mix of Halogen with it. The KTM 250 Duke comes with various colour schemes, black alloy wheels, and wheels decals.

  • Usability 

The lightweight trellis frame has done a fabulous job in keeping the weight of the bike in check. It also comes with an Aluminium swing arm which also helps in the weight management of the bike. The wheelbase of the bike is around 1,357 mm, which makes it super easy to handle on highways. It also has a straight handlebar which makes it easy to manoeuvre in traffic and thus keeping the rider relaxed and comfortable throughout the ride. 

  • Comfortable ergonomics

Even if the seat height of KTM 250 is on the higher side, the slim fuel tank makes it easy to reach the ground. It has a higher set of handlebars, which makes it quite comfortable to ride. The seat is quite big and spacious and offers enough space for the rider to move. The ergonomics of KTM Duke 250 is fabulous and comfy. 

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  • Ride Quality

You need a bike that offers a good amount of power and is easy to handle. The KTM 250 Duke has an extremely lightweight steel trellis frame chassis. And, the suspension duty of the bike is done with the WP Apex 43 mm USD forks and WP Apex mono-shock which makes it easier to handle your bike comfortably. 


With all the reasons mentioned above, it’s quite clear why you must buy KTM Duke 250. It comes with a fantastic design and offers good mileage. And you dont have to worry about the pricing as you can easily take a bike loan to purchase your dream bike. 

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