Tourist Visa For Egypt | Apply In 3 Easy Steps

All of us have wanted to visit Egypt after looking at the Great Pyramids in primary school. It is everyone’s dream, and now you can turn that dream into a reality. You can now easily apply for an Egypt visa online and visit it in no time.

Don’t believe us? Here is your complete guide to Egypt Tourist evisa.

Is It Safe To Travel To Egypt?

Every individual that follows the news has had doubts about visiting Egypt. The country has gone through a long period of political instability, but it is finally on its way to recovery. Don’t get us wrong though, Egypt is still not 100% safe to travel to.

You need to do your research and visit the safest areas if you don’t want to encounter any danger. That’s where we come in. If you want to stay safe, you can visit:

  •         Alexandria
  •         Cairo
  •         Aswan
  •         Abu Simbel
  •         Valley of the Kings
  •         Qina
  •         Luxor
  •         Hurghada
  •         Sharm El Sheikh

All these places are classified as safe and you will not run into any problems. These are the places that almost all tourists visit. You can also hire a trusted local guide to help you navigate much more safely.

Types Of Egypt Visa

Many people ask do you need a visa to go to Egypt? The answer is yes you do. With the launch of Egypt e-Visa, the process has become much easier. For now, only Tourist e-Visa is available. You can checkout our website to know more.

The validity of the visa is for three months and you can stay in Egypt for a maximum of thirty days in one go. You can also apply for single or multiple entries depending on your preferences. However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you can’t do any work or study on this type of visa.

If you plan on going for work or study reasons then you will have to apply for another visa through an embassy or consulate. On the Tourist e-Visa, you can meet friends and relatives, do some sightseeing, and take part in recreational activities.

Here are the three steps you need to take to apply for an Egypt visa online:

Step 01: Fill Up The Application Form

To apply for tourist visa for egypt, you will have to fill the application form. It will require you to fill in information such as your name, date of birth, gender, passport details, nationality, expected arrival date, country of birth, and Egypt visa type.

Make sure that before you sit down to fill your application, you should have all your details within reach. Once you do, you can easily fill in all the information and it will not take more than five to seven minutes to complete the application. The best part is that it will save you the hassle of going to a consulate or embassy.

After you have filled in your initial details, you will be required to pay the application fee. Once you have paid, you will be directed towards the second part of the application. You will receive an email with the title “Application Received” once you have paid.

Once you open this email, you will find a link that will give you access to the second part of the application process. In this part, you will be required to provide a passport image, profession, host information, address, and additional details.

You need to keep in mind that your passport image should follow the specified guidelines or your application may not get accepted. Once you have filled in all the details as per the specifications, your Egypt e-Visa will go for processing.

Step 02: Receive Visa Details

Once you have successfully submitted your Egypt e-Visa application, it will take at least two to five days to process. It is relatively easy to get a visa for Egypt as very few people get rejected. As long as you have filled in the details correctly, your visa will get accepted in no time.

Since you will be applying for the visa online, you will receive your visa document in your email. The waiting period is not that long, and you are most likely to receive your Egypt e-Visa within two days. However, if the number of people applying for the visa is high, then you might receive it within five days. So, all you have to do is wait for an email.

Step 03: Print Your e-Visa

After five working days have passed, you will receive an email with your e-Visa. Once you see this, make sure you print it accurately. It should be printed on standard letter-sized blank white paper.

Before you print it, make sure that your passport details match with the one on your e-Visa. After all, it is essential to double-check before traveling. Besides that, you also need to ensure some other things for your printed e-Visa to be accepted.

The authorities will not accept your e-Visa if it includes low-quality print, double-sided print, or any other format that does not match the one that is specified. Make sure to print two to three copies so you have a backup in case you lose one.

You will have to show your printed e-Visa along with your passport as proof of identity when you arrive in Egypt. Also, make sure that your passport is valid for six more months from your date of arrival. If it is not then you may not gain entry.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to apply for an Egypt visa online. The authorities have made the process much easier with the Egypt e-Visa and you will not face any problems. All you will have to do is provide the correct details and make sure that everything is in place.

Once you do, the process will be smooth and you will receive the e-Visa in your email in a few days. If your images on the application form are not correct then you will get to know this too through email. After that, you can upload ones in the correct format and you will get your e-Visa.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the country of your dreams now.

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