How To Combat Athlete’s Foot In Children?

Athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) is a disorder that is caused by viruses and typically affects the area between the toes. It’s a harrowing experience for children. The problem can be more intense in cases where shoes are worn for a long time.

The problem can be more intense when children wear closed shoes all the time. Unknown to many, the socks and shoes also carry the virus. The first remedy to combat the problem would be to change the shoes and avoid using the same pair of shoes. Also, try having your child use different styles and types of socks. Athletes should consider sweat-absorbing socks or even socks like those found at Socks that have been designed specifically for athletes will help in all aspects of the athlete’s foot, from arch support to the athlete’s foot.

Putting on open shoes when a child has athlete’s foot is a better option, which may help it quickly heal. For any remedy to work, it’s important to note that the toes should be aired to quicken recovery.


How do we combat athlete’s foot in children?

Unknown to many folks, athlete’s foot can be dealt with at home. The following are some of the home-made solutions for dealing with the problem.

Using Oils

Oils can be a better way of dealing with the problem. Oils from plants like tea plants and neem can be convenient in combating the problem. All that one needs is to rub the oil on the affected toes daily. The oil should be applied gently between the toes, and proper aeration should be considered.


Liquor has been used for the treatment of athlete’s foot for generations. The result of using alcohol is impressive. All that one needs is to rub the affected toes with it every morning, within a few days, the problem is done. Liquor works by killing the virus that causes the disorder.

Application of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another way of combating athlete’s foot in children. It works by killing the virus that causes the problem. The solution should be applied in the affected area daily until the sores disappear. The advantage of using hydrogen peroxide is that it also eliminates the rancid smell that comes from the sores.

Using Garlic

Garlic has a strong smell and has components that are capable of combating the problem. The use of garlic in eliminating athlete’s foot in children has been beneficial. Like hydrogen peroxide, garlic works miracles. Within seven days of daily application, the problem is done with.

Dry feet 

Keeping the feet dry and airing them well is another remedy for dealing with athlete’s foot in children. Apart from wearing open shoes, emphasis should be on using a towel to thoroughly dry the affected area. Baby powder can also be used frequently. The importance here is to make sure that the affected toes are dry hence enhancing the healing process. In case the child needs to use socks, they should be clean, and some powder should be applied to them.

Table Salt

Not known to many, table salt can be an adequate remedy in combating athlete’s foot in children. Just sprinkle some salt between the affected toes or in the shoes if the child does not use socks. If they have socks on, they have some salt sprinkled in them.

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