Does Virgin Hair Fertilizer for Hair Growth Work

Quite often, in an attempt to try a short haircut, many women end up with regret. Consequently, they grow impatient over the growth of their hair. Ergo, Virgin Hair Fertilizer became quite popular among the women who are undergoing such an existential crisis or facing hair loss.

Now, you must be thinking if hair growth is all about genetics, then how come a hair fertilizer will be of any use? You are right. Hair grows and thickens due to genetics, given that your hair is healthy. However, the same doesn’t imply that hair fertilizer isn’t beneficial at all. 

To have a better and thorough understanding, read out the article till the end.

1. What is Hair Fertilizer?

A Hair Fertilizer is a scalp moisturizer which is applied to the scalp directly. It is a thick hair cream that comes in a tube. On applying, you will feel a tingly sensation over your scalp. Some curlies say the cream smells like petroleum jelly, which is natural since it is one of the primary ingredients of the cream. The other ingredients include peppermint oil, African shea butter, menthol, lanolin, and some herbs. Over time you will get used to their smell. 

Apart from the tingling sensation, peppermint is responsible for increasing circulation. This improvement can result in increased hair growth and hair fall reduction.

Recently, Dr Kari Williams commented that the presence of Petroleum Jelly when asked about the product. He said that Petroleum Jelly could make your hair appear smooth and shiny. However, this is just a temporary shine. Moreover, the jelly can lead to the clogging of hair follicles after its accumulation over the scalp. This may turn the hair fall situation even worse rather than improving it. 

2. The Claim of the Product

The Virgin Hair Fertilizer claims to improve hair growth by increasing the blood circulation to your scalp. It is advised to be used daily over your hair and scalp for the deep conditioning. The indicated use will stimulate hair growth, clear dandruff, and conditions your damaged hair.

3. Does it work?

The reviews from the curly community have been quite mixed. While some mention they are doubtful if that’s the effect of the cream or their hair growth is already healthy in the first place, the others perceived some allergic reaction to the same.

Overall, this is one of those products that you have to try on your own & find out whether it works and live up to the expectations or not. The reason you can try this product is that the curly community gives different results to different products. A product working for someone might not be beneficial to someone else. So, it’s not necessary it won’t work for you. However, those who have a sensitive scalp, the advice is not to go for the risk as it is not worth it. 

4. How to use it?     

The Virgin Hair Fertilizer is to be used the same way as your other hair stimulant products. You will have to take it on your fingertips and then gently massage over your scalp with them.

You can use it even if you have a sew-in for protection during transitioning.


Natural Curly Hair Growth is not easy at all, and it takes time for your hair to grow to shoulder length. Hair fertilizers can be a boon for those who are undergoing hair fall or transition, but the benefit comes with uncertainty. While the author has not used the product, internet reviews mention the following:

(i) 60% of the total users believe that it stimulates hair growth.

(ii) 80% of the total users believe it improves your hair growth in no time. 

(iii) 20% of the total users mention it does not lead to hair loss.

(iv) All users mentioned that they felt scalp irritation.

(v) 80% of the total users believe it has a strong smell. 

Based on the above reviews and the information mentioned in the article, it is observed that it’s a hit and trial product. You need to use it to be sure; however, the claims of the product are not backed up by concrete evidence. If you do not have any kind of scalp sensitivity, you can use the product. Use the product and share your experience with us to help others like you out there.

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