7 Powerful Reasons You Need To Use Video Marketing

Marketing has evolved a lot since the past few years. Many strategies and tools have come and gone, but the one thing stuck in this time is video. It has shown a large margin of profit, and many businesses have acquainted it in their marketing campaigns. 

The increase in video usage has become operative after the highlighted benefits of video marketing are witnessed worldwide. 

Around 80% of businesses prefer to use videos in their business strategies and cherish the advantages of video marketing.

Video marketing has changed the way people perceive things. With all the unlimited favors it has to offer, there are several benefits of video marketing for small businesses. Therefore, harnessing it within your undertakings of the company will be a great idea. You can explore the scope of video marketing firsthand and find out how it can work best for you. 

However, before getting into the integrations, you must recognize the benefits of video marketing for business. The following are some significant benefits of video marketing that you can learn.

  • Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

One of the topmost advantages of video marketing is that it can become a primary source of gaining you some big chunk of monetary benefits. If you are profound about taking your business and your website to another level, then you cannot miss this massive opportunity in any way. 

Additionally, it has been observed that if you use relevant video content on your website, the Google Algorithms detect you and prioritize you for the results. 

Good video content can bring about an 80% increase in your conversion rate, and we think this makes it even more worth it!

Among the many other video types, explainer videos allow the customer to understand the product or service more quickly, and it calls direct attention towards your elevated sales. 

According to the studies, 74% of the users who watch video content eventually buy the product. So it is better to create exciting and engaging videos so that you can cash out the benefits of using video in marketing.

  • Video Is A Great Addition to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is considered to be a reliable channel when it comes to video marketing. The businesses have recently adopted it, and there has been a notable boost in the outcomes. It not only increases the conversion rate but also reduces the rate of unsubscribing by 75%.

The email video can be used as generating the click-through rates, and the statistics regarding this practice has shown that it can increase the figures by up to 300%. The customers and audience members are significantly more interested in watching video content rather than a simple text. 

This is why it has also been added in the emails because the word “video” itself in the email subject line upsurges the chances of rates to be inflated by 19%. 

Moreover, among the many other benefits of video marketing for small businesses, this one seems to work like wonders when it comes to introducing the products or services. So if you have not yet thought of taking it up, think again!

  • Search Engine Loves Video

Video content comes in with bundles of amenities, and to unlock them, you have to dig into its reasons. To begin with, videos are the best way to decrease your bounce rate because it keeps the visitors longer on your website. Plus, it will allow them to explore more within your website once the video content already hooks them.

It also brings the benefits of YouTube Marketing into your space. If you create a video and upload it on the YouTube channel plus embedded on your website, there is a higher chance that Google will notice you. As Google owns YouTube, so there are massive effects of it to rank on search engines. 

You have to ensure that your videos are optimized for SEO purposes and include catchy titles, relevant descriptions, and keywords. This is one of the highly potent and powerful reasons you use video marketing in different ways.

  • Video Builds Trust and Credibility

One of the countless goals is to build trust with the customers and improve brand identity by amplifying the credibility factor in regards to marketing. The content has always been a primary player in generating understanding and trust among the customers and businesses. But now things are changing.

People tend to conceive what they see, and this is where video marketing jumps in! It shows people the actual picture and details about the scenario and brings them closer to what the business wants to convey. The benefits of video marketing have shown a significant effect over the brand image as it ignites the emotions and foster trust within the people. 

The video made for promotional purposes is more likely to be seen and liked by the people than the written content. It removes the barriers of skepticism the consumers hold before buying a product, and it forms a perception that they each carry with them to be confident enough to purchase the product.

  • Video Encourages Social Shares

Many social networking sites have modified their features by time and have made videos a more prominent element in the overall performance. It has also been seen that the benefits of video marketing for the business website are even more with social networking. More than 76% of the users claim that they would share such videos with friends, which will indeed work in favor of gaining more traffic and increased ROI. 

According to an 8th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Michael Stelzner mentioned that in 2015, there were 60% of the social marketers who used videos in their content. Moreover, this fired up in the following years, and 73% of the total respondent strategized to adopt the video content in 2016.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have made the importance of video clear by adding more features. Facebook launched 3600 Video, Live Video, and Life stage videos for the users present on their portal. Instagram, on the other hand, also placed the options of stories and 2 minutes IG videos. Additionally, Twitter also added Periscope for the videos, so now you can see yourself’s importance. 

  • Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

Are you still skeptical about how video marketing can directly help you in promoting your business? Well, videos are made in various forms, and every single type of video has its purpose. In the time where you want your product and services to be known by people, explainer videos can help you in building trust and spreading the word.

It is the primary reason why 45% of the businesses have claimed that they use explainer videos at their social platforms and the home page, 83% of the time, more effective. Moreover, the public response is key to every significant decision, and here as well, 98% of the users have accepted that explainer videos have helped them understand the brand. 

Other formats, such as animated videos, help the brands engage the audience, explain them the complex concept, and take them through a boring niche. You can create multiple videos and upload them on various platforms for the customers to access. If you are pursuing the advantages of YouTube marketing, then this one also comes in it.

  • Video Ads Work Wonders

There is a boatload of things that you can go through to gain the leading edge over your competitors when you use video marketing. Significantly, with video ads, you can boost up your revenues like a skyrocket and make as much as you desire to with complete guarantee and control.

Here are some exclusive insights that you must keep in mind before you run towards earing from video ads

 for your information. 

  • The average click-through rate is 1.84% in video ads, and it is considered the highest CTR of digital ad formats. 
  • In the YouTube video ad, the 15-second non-skippable version has a completion rate of 92%, and the skippable ads come with a rate of 9%. 
  • On Facebook, within the initial 10 seconds of the video, you can avail of 74% of the total Ad Recall, and it is an excellent opportunity for all the businesses.

So there is no limit to the perks video marketing can offer to you, whether it is the Benefits of YouTube Marketing or any other social media platforms. With video ads, you can earn maximum revenue for your businesses and can add value to the content that you are providing.


From marketing to advertising, everything can channel video into it and outperform themselves. It is now becoming more cost-effective and affordable for businesses as well. With your target audience’s proper insight and complete information about your compaction, you can gain some significant benefits out of your video content.

So create something engaging, relatable, and unique to have an advantage over everyone else. Plus, you can be noticed by not just your customers but rank higher on the search results or different search engines and gather all the benefits of video marketing.

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