How Innovative Eyelash Wholesale Packaging drives New Business and Repeat Sales?

Are you shipping false eyelashes to your customers? Do you use an innovative packaging solution? If not, then you are overlooking a massive opportunity to lure new and existing customers to your online store to make more purchases. Let’s look at how you can use eyelash boxes wholesale supply to promote your business. 

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What makes Innovative Eyelash Boxes Wholesale Packaging Great for Marketing?  

When it comes to last-minute purchases, the three names that stood out are: Amazon, Chegg, and Zappos. Wondering why? You have often seen couriers carrying their packages, but that’s not the only reason. Their boxes boast unique branding, particularly Chegg, that comes in bright orange shade. The vivid color instantly catches your eye compared to traditional brown and white boxes.  

Of course, your average customers may not get the chance to see a courier carrying your branded eyelash boxes wholesale packaging to their destination. However, there are countless other opportunities for prospective customers to see your eyelash boxes, including the following:   

  • Sitting right outside someone’s doorstep, dorm room, or apartment.  
  • Sitting on someone’s office desk, coffee table, or kitchen counter. 
  • Pictured on your friend or family member’s Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook newsfeed as they have just received their online purchase and found it adorable to share the product and packaging with their social community.  
  • Sitting inside a FedEx or UPS store, waiting to be shipped out. 

These are a few of the many opportunities for both new and existing customers to see your cosmetic brand’s packaging. There are infinite opportunities for you to remind your patrons about your product and brand through custom eyelash boxes. The point is, your lash packaging is an excellent marketing tool because it exquisitely put your brand in front of the target audience and opens the doors for new sales.   

How to Get Innovative Eyelash Boxes for your Brand?

Many entrepreneurs still believe that custom packaging would cost them a fortune. Fortunately, The Legacy Printing and other leading packaging companies in the US have successfully busted this myth by offering fully customized eyelash boxes at extremely affordable prices. Below we have enumerated a few of them: 

Custom Eyelash Boxes: if you run a quick search on Google for custom eyelash packaging, custom eyelash packaging boxes, or similar queries, you will come across several packaging companies that create bespoke packaging for cosmetic brands. And they are not expensive as some might presume. Even if you want to add more elements on your packages to make them stand out on the retail shelves, you won’t have to exhaust your savings. That’s because some packaging firms, including the Legacy Printing, are offering Free add-ons and shipping services to bulk purchases as part of the company’s unique business principles. 

Custom Stickers: if you aren’t ready to embrace bespoke packaging just yet, then you can look for companies that create custom stickers for packaging. It’s an inexpensive way to make your product boxes more attractive and unique. All its needs is an innovative design that displays your brand name, logo, and essential information of the company. Simply stick them on your eyelash boxes, and you are good to go. Remember, you can also include some stickers inside the box if you want to spread your brand name further.  

Custom Stamps: If you aren’t even interested in sourcing custom stickers, then try custom stamps. Get a large stamp with your name, logo, and website link to stamp it on each of your boxes prior to shipping them. It’s a cost-effective way for companies that are just starting out and aren’t keen to splurge too much money. 

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