Picturesque Place Yik Cheong– The Monster Building You Must Visit

Yik Cheong located in Hong Kong is a mind-blowing system of five interconnected buildings in Quarry Bay. The monster building is the perfect picture destination for tourists beautified with vivid, and colorful apartments. The illusion of the colors scattering the brightness and simplicity, this place of Hong Kong is mesmerizing and perfect for a holiday trip. if you are also planning to visit Hong kong soon. then, get the cheap flight booking tips on delta airlines official site and book instantly at very cheap rates. Book now and visit this Picture-perfect place on your own and click some amazing picturesque.

Let us help you to explore the Monster building and embrace the beauty of the colors, by providing you complete information about this location. in this article. The forest of the urban density, the sky reaching the building, and the sound of the crowd around, the monster building Hong Kong is definitely worth a visit.

How do you get to the monster building in Hong Kong?

The architecture marvel with vivid colors is easy to find in the city of Hong Kong. The Yik Cheong building is the one that can be seen from far, and with the immense beauty, it is ready to take you by surprise at any moment. The best way to reach the flabbergasting Monster building is to get the MTR from Tai Koo station to Kings Rd., and just take a small 6 minutes to walk to click amazing pictures with the colorful and dreamy building.

How many people live in the monster building?

Imagine living in a building with 2243 apartments that can house 10,000 people. Amazing it will be. The Monster building is the perfect symbol of this. With a series of never-ending apartments and such a dense population, this is the home that is filled with laughter. With shops at the street front and the highest building is the Oceanic Mansion, with 18 floors, this building is classic architecture.

Who built the monster building?

The concrete jungle of dense apartments and the sky-reaching buildings was originally constructed in the 1960s and named Baakgaa Sancyun by the housing society. With so much to see and the astonishing upward view makes this place no less than a concrete paradise. The monster building is a must to visit during your trip to Hong Kong.

What is the best time to visit Yik Cheong building?

The marvelous and classic structure, with so many floors and density, is remarkable. There is no perfect time to pay your visits as any time here will turn to be perfect automatically. The dreamy view the monster building gives when looked upward from the bottom will give butterflies in your stomach. The glimpse of sky captured with the building during the day and the spectacular view of stars at night makes every moment worth capturing.

What else you can visit nearby the monster building?

The busy market filled with a happy crowd, the locals selling the products such as vegetables, fish, and meat, and never-ending series of people hanging out, the market located in between the Tak Lee Building and Wai Lee Building is definitely worth a visit. Just a short subway ride from the Yik Cheong to Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbour and praising the famous Symphony of Lights light show while on the Victoria Harbour Cruise, will make the travel just phenomenal.

Last words

The Monster building is a stupendous architectural beauty. With the bright and vivid colors, dense structure, and the perfect photogenic view, this place is classy. It is a must-visit place for any photographer or traveler who loves to click pictures more and more. So, start planning for your next trip to Hong Kong and have a low-budget. Don’t worry, visit the american airlines official site and get the amazing flight tips on flight booking and some upcoming deals and exciting offers to Hong Kong.

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