eClinicalWorks: Everything You Need to Know about This EHR Software!

About eClinicalWorks

eClinicalWorks is a cloud-based EHR Software that was founded in 1999 and the main motive of this EHR Software was to help doctors get rid of paperwork and make communication easy. eClinicalWorks EMR Software was founded with the motive of digitizing and improving the workflow. This software seeks to control costs, reduce errors, and improve the quality of care. More than 130,000 doctors and 850,000 medical professionals are using eClinicalWorks for their practice. 


eClinicalWorks has excellent features to cater to the needs of specialists in many different fields. Some of the eClinicalWorks features are the Patients’ portal, Integrated EHR, Intuitive UI, Health and Wellness track, Patients Charting, Billing, and Electronic Prescriptions.

eClinicalWorks Pros

eClinicalWorks EMR is a great software that is providing its services to thousands and thousands of doctors out there and has proven to be a great software overall. One of the major pros of this software is that they have their telemedicine application called Healow which virtual visits possible and there is no need for a 3rd party to get involved. It also offers free conversion services to anyone who wants to switch from another EHR which is a great offer as conversion can be costly. 

This software allows a high degree of Customization which means that doctors can easily customize everything according to their requirements which is a huge plus for doctors as they can customize it according to their convenience and work can be done faster and more efficiently. We are surrounded by technology these days and the world is taking a shift towards technology rapidly. The best thing about eClinicalWorks EMR is that it is a technology-driven organization. All their technology was developed in house and functions as one system. Other than that images can easily be transferred to the medical records. This software is also very well known as eClinicalWorks billing software and this is because of how easy it is to use and manage their billing feature. It is very easy to add notes to claim to track what billings were doing. Besides, it’s fairly easy to navigate, make scheduling easy, and has excellent user interfaces.

eClinicalWorks Cons

Like everything else software, eClinicalWorks has some cons and we’re going to be pointing them down for you. Although eClinicalWorks EMR is a great software and has multiple advantages, it does have some flaws. The first problem or draw that many users have faced is inefficiencies in their ticketing support system. Some people have also faced an issue of the software crashing while using certain functions which is not a thing that you can afford when in a medical field. Customer support is not one of their strongest points as many users have had the issue of contacting customer service. They don’t get back to you right away and it always slows down the process. Data analytic feature is not as good as other software and it needs an update. Another issue that was faced by some doctors is that it is hard to connect EHR with external devices like a scanner which can be frustrating sometimes. 

One drawback that this EHR Software has is that it is slightly on the more expensive side than the rest of the EHR  Software offering similar features. Speed is also a common issue that is faced by users. In scenarios like a weak connection, eClinicalWorks is usually the first one to suffer. 

eClinicalWorks pricing

eClinicalWorks offers different packages for you. It is more expensive than many other EHR Software but it is loved by many doctors. You can either pay $449/per month per provider for EHR only or $599/per month per provider with practice management. There is no startup cost. 

eClinicalWorks reviews and demo

With eClinicalWorks EMR, you can schedule a free demo which will help you understand whether the software suits you or your organization. Getting a demo means you can see for yourself whether you like the features or if it was easy to use. For eClinical EHR reviews, you can visit eClinicalWorks.This will help you decide whether you should opt for this software or not. 


We have summarized everything you need to know about eClinical EHR Software for you. We hope this helped you a little. 

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