10 Tips For An Effective Facebook Ad Campaign for the Holidays

The holiday season is a crucial time for advertisers, marketers, and business owners, as it is the time of the year when people are super generous and spend more money buying gifts for themselves, their families, friends, and loved ones. The volume of sales is high and plenty of Facebook ads run in order to maximize holiday profit. 

Facebook ads are not the cult of tea for everyone, they can be rather tricky. Sometimes the surge of ad spend can increase the cost of ads, as many ads are flooding the market. Apart from this, we cannot ignore consumer behavior that constantly changes without any prior notice. Marketers are never prepared for consumer change and most of the time cannot be anticipated. 

The good news? 

There are many ways to run successful Facebook ad campaigns during the year-end festive season. One successful strategy is to embed Facebook feed on the website using social media aggregators and tap into the visitor’s minds to blow them away with your social media festive vibe. 

To get more results, here are some of the most advisable and top tips to boost your revenue through Facebook ad campaigns. 

Facebook ad holiday Marketing Tips

Start early and tap mobile users

On average, a person checks their phones 150 times a day. Facebook works to take advantage of mobile users and target audiences to drive sales. 73% of people claim to use their cell phones while scrolling through social media, online shopping, or discovering new brands. 

And so, the same applies to holiday marketing. Holiday ads on television start in November, however, Facebook starts rolling out ads at the beginning of October. 42% of women are done with their holiday shopping by November. 

This is why advertisers should focus on this conversation and promote their sales early. They can take advantage of this statistic and plant that intent-to-buy seed before users are bombarded with holiday advertisements. 

Review ad account limits 

Another valuable ad prep tip is to know your account limits. You can set account spending limits on your ad account to ensure you do not overspend or exceed your budget in the way. While it helps keep a steady stream of budget-friendly ads, it is not a big deal if advertisers spend more during the holiday season. 

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Focus on discounts

To drive a large number of sales in a very short period, positioning your discounts or your promos as the main focus of your advertisements can be another winning strategy. You already spend the entire year building brand awareness, now it’s the time to focus on the benefit your audience will get if they invest in you. 

Keep your ads simple

To stand-out do not add too much festivities or glitter to your ads. The most effective ads are the simplest ones that are to the point, display a close-up of the product, highlight benefits, clearly speak out the offer, and display the details properly. 

Portray your products as gifts

A PPC copyright with many years of experience would know that the most effective way is to portray your products as gifts. This can prove to be shockingly lucrative. Many advertisers do not understand the potential of portraying products as gifts until they do. Group your products in a bundle and watch your average order value increase. 

Offer guaranteed delivery dates

An impending gift-giving deadline gets people focused on urgency. With a large number of people procrastinating their holiday purchases, it’s all about when the items will arrive at their doorstep. In your ads, you can focus on the delivery timings can be of massive help. You can also mention the last date to grab the offer of free delivery and update it on your landing pages too. 

Keep the iOS challenges in mind

The biggest challenge with Facebook ads is the havoc created by the launch of iOS 16. It is making it more complicated for brands to run ad campaigns at scale. There is a delay in reporting, however, you want to be aware that it may make remarketing from mobile traffic less reliable.

Don’t focus on recent buyers 

It’s easier to focus on acquiring new customers and converting them during the holiday season, however, marketers should not forget to shed some light on the potential damage control from existing customers. There is nothing worse than seeing a product you just purchased is now on sale.

Make sure your recent buyers don’t see the promotions by removing them from your ad campaigns. The last thing you want to do is disgruntled the customer who purchased a product at the original price, returns it, and buys at a discounted price, all at your expense.  

Make content-driven ads

Ad prices around the holiday are higher due to high demand and fierce competition in the market. One of the best ways to stand out is to use a content-first approach in your campaigns and see how the audience reacts to it. 

A well-written educational ad copy can both be used in ads as well as repurposed in email.  


Start prepping before the holiday season hits off. Take advantage of the many opportunities that come your way. With such fierce competition, it is worth giving all these tips a try and determining which works best for your audience and brand.

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