Gojek Clone Model: Complete Guide on How It Works?

Gojek Clone is a super app that offers on-demand services to customers. It is one of the many superpowers it has and that is why people love it. Taxi booking, food delivery, parcel delivery, hiring a personal shopper, medical services on-demand, hiring a handyman, etc. are a few of its 101+ services. 

What Does On-demand Mean? 

Well, customers like to book services instantly whenever they want. This is called on-demand. 

Simply put, the Gojek-like app allows customers to book services right at the moment they want. This on-demand model is so popular in today’s time that entrepreneurs are trying to build apps that offer instant services, doorstep deliveries, on-demand professional services, etc. 

For example, think of Uber, the famous taxi booking app that millions of people use every day across the world. How did Uber become famous? Well, they provided drivers and individuals with cars to register themselves on the app and offer taxi services. 

Now, anyone who wants to commute from one point to another in the city can book a ride using the app and connect with nearby drivers. 

Similarly, the Gojek Clone also offers on-demand services. However, it offers more than just taxi ride booking. App’s entire assortment includes 101+ services such as –  

    • On-demand delivery from nearby stores and restaurants 
    • Online taxi booking services like rentals, ride-hailing, carpooling, etc. 
    • On-demand services of beauticians, mechanics, car washers, tutors, babysitters, etc. 
    • Online video consultation with doctors, lawyers, tutors, astrologers, etc. 
    • Get bids for handyman services in real-time 
    • On-demand delivery Genie and Runner 
  • On-demand medical services like booking an ambulance, ordering medicines, booking an appointment with a doctor, ordering blood/plasma from a nearby bank

How Does the On-Demand Model Work?

Well, here are 5 simple steps to explain to you how this on-demand multi-service app works. Let’s understand this workflow with an example. Suppose, a customer wants to book an appointment with a General Physician. 

Here’s how they will do it using the Gojek Clone app  – 

Step 1: Searching for a service

The user has to click on the Medical Service category where they will be able to see the book an appointment section. From there, they can click on General Physician. 

Step 2: Sending service requests 

As soon as they select the option, several nearby GPs will be displayed on the screen. Now, they can compare and select the professional they want based on their proximity, rating, review, portfolio, etc. 

They can add to their cart all the services they want like cold & flu check-ups, allergies, etc. By selecting the at-user location option on the Gojek Clone app, adding an address, and clicking on Book Now/Book Later, they can send the request. 

Step 3: Doctor accepts the service request

The doctor will be able to see the screen with the service location and patient name. A timer will appear on the screen and in the given time, they need to accept the request if they want. 

When the doctor accepts the request, the customer will be able to see the confirmation on the screen. 

Step 4: Doctor arrives at the service location 

Within minutes the doctor will arrive at the patient’s chosen location and complete the requested service. 

Step 5: Payment and feedback 

The doctor will receive the payment in cash if the user has chosen it as the payment method or online! Both doctor and patient can rate and give feedback to each other. 

In Conclusion: 

Do you also wish to develop an app with an on-demand model and earn hefty profits? Are you ready to capture multiple markets with one app?

Get the Gojek Clone app today! Connect with experts to find a perfect match for your business needs! 

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