What is so special about cakes on Diwali?

Sweets have remained a part of celebrations for a long time. People used to give honey, jaggery, or sugar in old times on special days. Candies, chocolates, and cakes are loved by all. Indian people considered it good to eat sweets at the beginning of something important. Cakes are a modern addition to sweets as these are not part of ancient history, but people love to try something new. It is human nature that we like the things of others. It is also because people can get bored of eating the same food, a change should be there. 

Cakes were invented by ancient Greeks who used to make round cakes to offer them to their moon god and used to lit candles on these cakes to blow off these candles for sending good wishes. Nowadays, these are available in many flavors and designs. You can get them ordered according to the likes and dislikes of a person. 

Cakes for those who want to feel important

People like to save memories for the future, so whether they like sweets or not, they order cakes. People have their childhood memories attached to cakes, so get the same feelings and emotions every time they order cakes. The same butterscotch cake would revive a person’s memory with its same flavor and aroma. There are also people who couldn’t afford to buy cakes during childhood because of the financial situation of their families and want to fulfill their wishes now by purchasing cakes from their own hard-earned money. It is not because they are desperate to eat sweets, but they want to fulfill their unfulfilled wishes. There are also people who were not given importance before or during their childhood, so you can give surprise to these kinds of people on this Diwali and make them feel special by ordering Diwali cake for them. It is obvious that you can not know someone’s feelings, so why not give surprises one by one to all your friends and family members. You probably would not have this much money or be interested in doing these many expenses. Therefore you can start with one of your friends or any family member. Why not surprise your mother this time with this token of gratitude who does a lot for you without expecting anything in return or your boyfriend as he should not be the one who always spends money and you can also prove to him that you are not a gold digger who just wants him to spend money on you. 

Cakes for diet conscious people 

Going to the gym has become a trend nowadays, and people eat the only diet which is prescribed by their dietitians or gym instructors. These kinds of diets generally contain less sugary foods. In addition, old people can not consume too much sugar because their bodies can not digest heavy food. They prefer to eat light food and snacks for which they do not suffer from any digestion problem. For these kinds of people, cakes can be made using less sugar. Nowadays, people can even get cakes prepared with the ingredients they like. Thus, offer them this sweet, which can be made with less sugar and healthy ingredients like fruits, dry fruits, etc. In this way, they will not be deprived of having their favorite food. 

Cakes for the sweet tooth

Children do not generally care about the health benefits, and they just eat whatever they like. However, it is the parents who sometimes become over-possessive for them and do not let them eat their favorite food items. They should understand that children require energy for which they can eat sweets. Moreover, when they were children, their parents were not that much conscious about them because in the past, people used to have more children, and you have grown up as a healthy adult. Hence you should not worry about your kids. It is only during childhood; they do not have any responsibilities, so let them enjoy it. It’s not that you should spoil your child by fulfilling all his wishes but only on special days like birthdays and festivals. Hence, you should purchase a Diwali gift for husband who like sweets.

Cakes for those who want to enjoy 

What is the benefit of earning money with hardships if you can not enjoy your favorite food because, in the end, life is all about enjoyment, no worries? People who want to enjoy do not care about the diet and make the use of the opportunity to do celebrations. They like compliments that they receive after posting their pictures on their social accounts. Enjoyment does not mean that they should waste things and should disturb others like people who waste cakes by doing cake facials and those who make the use of loudspeakers. These people do not expect others to buy cakes for them because they are the party animals and like to party whenever they get any chance.

Cakes for those cannot afford 

There are a plethora of people around the world who are below the line of poverty, and they even sometimes find it hard to pay for their fundamental needs. They wish for the things you take for granted, so instead of wasting money on unnecessary things, give them the gift of cakes on this Diwali. Your this act of kindness can bring a smile on their faces, and you can make their days. 

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