4 Common Electrical Mistakes to Avoid At Home

We all know how important it is to be careful while handling electrical work. This is why it is recommended that instead of doing it yourself reaches out to a residential electrician in Honolulu who has the experience and knows how to safely manage these things.

Although it is pretty human of you or your electrician to make some mistakes during the installation that may cause problems later on. Some of these mistakes may lead to a short circuit or other dangerous accidents. Therefore, you must know about these little things in advance so that you don’t end up regretting it after the work is done.

Here we have listed out 4 of these mistakes that people generally make. Go through the following points to learn about them:

  • Cluttered Electrical Boxes

Do not fit too many wires into one box to save space or money. A single box can only handle a certain amount of wires otherwise it may lead to overheating. If the wires are kept tangled up together for long the overheating may cause a fire. So the smart thing to do is let your electrician calculate and fix as many boxes as required to comfortably hold all the wires. 

  • Stretching The Wires

Next, you can ask from any electrical contractors in Oahu Hawaii whether or not stretching a wire for connection is okay to do. Everyone will tell you it’s not. It is very unsafe and is a temporary set up. Make sure that you always buy the wires a meter or 2 extra so that you may fold it aside if not needed but at least you won’t have to stretch them.

  • Keeping High and Low Voltage Wires Together

While installing the cables you must ensure that there are no high voltage and low voltage wires kept together. It is dangerous and can also affect the wire’s efficiency. The ideal way to set up electrical wires is to uniformly distribute the voltage throughout the wires. For high voltage wires, you must have a separate breaker. 

  • Exposing Plastic-Sheathed Cables

Another one of the worst mistakes that you should avoid is running unprotected cables under the walls. It should be kept between framing members where they can be protected. When you use conduit material to do so, you lessen the risk for electrical hazards such as shock.


The above-mentioned points are 4 of the major and basic mistakes that many homeowners tend to make. By keeping these in mind, you can be certain that your home electrical wire installation is done in the right way. The only thing that you need along with these instructions is a skilled electrician who can go on with the installations. Sun Electric & AC Services LLC offers you quality electrical services for your residential or other needs.

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