Welcome In Style with a Welcome Banner

If you are reading this article, then surely you are planning to welcome someone. Well, it may be your partner who has been away for quite a while, or your wife returning from a conference abroad, or it’s your son coming back from a deployment. Or are you the over-excited grandparents waiting eagerly to welcome your grandchild? Whatever may be the case, the welcome party you might have thought of hosting must be done in style. And that’s easily possible with a welcome banner!

Buying decoration items, preparing a list of the invitees, sending them an invitation, arranging and decorating the venue, and the list of to-do things will go on and on. The only thing missing will be the welcome banner. The party will be incomplete without one. If you can get hold of the right banner, it can serve as a decorative item as well as a backdrop to click pictures. But you might ask how can one get such a banner? Very simple! Order a customized banner. 

How to go about with the process

You can be very happy to see someone coming back home after a long time. You don’t know how to convey to the person your feelings. You may find yourself out of words to express your emotion. The best thing you can do is to bring home a welcome home banner. All you need to do is –

  • Find a reputed banner maker.
  • Choose a design from the trove of existing templates.
  • You can also let them know about a design of your own.
  • If you want a picture to be added to the design, make sure you give the maker a high-quality photo.
  • Add a personal message if you want to.
  • Select the material and size of the banner as per your requirement.
  • Select the print texture.
  • Be specific while conveying the delivery date. 

Readymade versus customized welcome banner 

Some of you may think that when readymade banners are available in the market, why order a customized one? If it’s a small gathering and you are not planning to do something unique or remarkable, you can surely get a “Welcome Home” sign from your local store. But having a customized banner conveys to the celebrant that you have taken extra care to make the person feel loved. By adding a personal message, you can let the person know how much he/she means to you. These gestures speak louder than words. 

DIY banners can also create magic 

Now, if you are a person who can think out of the box and have the talent to create something all by yourself, then nothing can beat a welcome banner made with your own hands. Surprise your dear one with a handmade “welcome” sign and wait to see the reaction. You can use fabric, cardboard papers, or balloons to make the sign. Use your imagination to the fullest and bring out the best in you. 


So, for welcoming someone back home, using a banner for the occasion can be worthy in many ways. Whether you decide to make it by yourself, order a customized one, or bring home a store-bought banner, do get one anyhow.  

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