How To Pay Diabetic Medications Without Insurance

Are you living with Diabetes and finding that the cost of affording your medication is putting you through financial struggles? Did you know that every day a new case of Diabetes is diagnosed in the United States? Millions of Americans are living with Diabetes. Whether it be type 1 or type 2. Diabetes affects all ages, races, ethnicities, genders and sees no boundaries. Being a diabetic comes with a heavy cost. Another factor is that the cost of living itself also increases yearly. There are millions of Americans that have insurance and millions of Americans that do not. The pricing of diabetic medication whether it be tablets or insulin are continuously inflating as the years go on. This is a challenge that millions of people are forced to face every single day.

Let’s cover the “How To Pay Diabetic Medications Without Insurance”. As we all know, the world is no longer what it used to be prior to Covid-19. With Covid-19 the power of touch has been compromised. As we are slowly coming to an end of this world pandemic (*cross fingers*), we now know that the general population should avoid being in large spaces when deemed unnecessary. What does this have to do with anything? People don’t want to be in stores as much as possible. That includes in store Pharmacies. We know that having storefront Pharmacies comes with a cost. This cost places a factor on why Americans are paying such high prices. What’s a solution to this? Purchase your medications online with reputable websites that are legitimate. Yes, that’s right there are online services for filling your medications that are true to what they say they are doing. However, you must be sure to do your due diligence prior to filling your medications with these online platforms. 

How would you go about filling your medications online and choosing a reputable provider? First, search for the name of your medication in search engines that you trust. Look at the top ranking websites and take a good browse. Read about the company that you’re interested in using. Go over their website content, figure out where they’re based from. What currency are they charging? What is the processing time? What is the order process? Do you have your prescription or do you need for the online service provider to help you obtain your prescription prior to filling your medications? Have you spoken to your doctor about filling your medications online? Have you read testimonials about the platform you’re choosing? If you search the domain or the name of the company what will you find on search engines? These are legitimate questions that you should ask yourself to stay safe and to make sure that whoever you are filling with truly is true to what they are advertising. 

If your goal is to buy Canadian insulin online, there are ways to do it. There are safe ways to go about it. If you ever have any questions about wanting to buy Candian insulin online or your pet medications, don’t be shy to contact the platform that you’re interested in filling with. Ask to speak to a customer support specialist and then ask to speak to the Pharmacist regarding any medical questions that you might have. Remember, when it comes to your medications, no one else is entitled or should be giving you medical advice outside of licensed medical professionals. These individuals are licensed for a reason.

Other red flags that you should be mindful of when filling your prescriptions or over-the-counter medications with online pharmaceutical platforms:

  • If you can purchase medications that require prescriptions without a prescription, why is that? This is a red flag don’t do it for your own safety. Prescription required medications are prescribed with script for a reason. This is dangerous. 
  • If you cannot get a hold of a representative within a span of 24 hours from the time you contacted that platform, don’t do it. 
  • If you cannot get an answer to which manufacturer is manufacturing your medication or where your medication is coming from, that’s another reason to turn away while you’re ahead.
  • If your doctor has any questions or concerns your doctor should be able to call in and speak to a customer service representative or an actual Pharmacist that can confirm information is truly what they are claiming for it to be. Know that legitimate services will never shy away from questions when asked or pressed. 
  • Can’t find anything about your selected platform on search engines? No other information related to social media, no coupons, no external testimonials or no other network affiliated? Remember, legitimate services want to make noise for themselves. That means that these people want to produce content that contains information about their platform because when you’re a business in this type of field the more you are socially present, the more business you’ll gain. Just like all other platforms. If this platform you chose didn’t do that, that might just be another reason for you to keep on looking for a different provider.

Have you heard about being able to buy Candian insulin online in Canada? Did you know you can buy insulin online for both humans and pets? That’s right. You can buy pet medications for your dogs, cats, horses, birds etc. Online. The laws and regulations in Canada are different from the ones in the United States. If you found yourself a reliable online service provider who follows international regulations to ensure that they distribute safe medications then you just found your loophole into the inflated billion dollar system in the USA. Congratulations. You just figured out what many people haven’t. 

So why do Candians want to help Americans aside from personal gain? This is a question that many people ask but don’t think to voice. I’ll tell you why. Humanity. Loved ones such as family and friends. Wanting to make sure that loved ones receive the same care and have access to the same medications that Canadians have in their country. Canadians really do have big hearts and genuinely care about others. Business is business but having heart that’s what separates you from the rest. Being informative and vocal about topics such as this, this can change your life or the life of someone you know. This information, it’s valuable. It could be the reason someone who hasn’t been able to get the medication that they need to live better and longer can finally do so. That said, let’s talk about HoneyBee Pharmacy.

Can I Buy Trulicity Online?

Yes, you can buy Trulicity online with HoneyBee Pharmacy. Simply give HoneyBee Pharmacy a call at their toll free number: 1-888-557-0340 or go to their website to place your order online. HoneyBee Pharmacy is a Canadian source that offers medications for up to 80% off compared to the top leading competitors in the USA. HoneyBee Pharmacy understands that there are millions of Americans who do not have access to Medicare. That is why HBP is committed to helping as many Americans as possible to ensure that they have access to their medications to help them live healthier and longer lives. When Medicare is out, count HoneyBee Pharmacy in.

HoneyBee Pharmacy is an established Pharmacy partner in Canada with over 10+ years of experience. HoneyBee Pharmacy was first founded to help the owners’ loved ones across the border to receive the support that they needed for their medications. The purpose then grew from there to cater internationally across the United States as the response was positive and in demand. HoneyBee Pharmacy only deals with government approved, reputable dispensing vendors and ensures that its contracted Pharmacy department stays on top of requirements. When medicare is out, count us in. Although HoneyBee Pharmacy does not deal with medicare as HBP is located outside the USA, the prices for HBP speak for themselves. The product and pricing team at HBP constantly reviews pricing with the best price competitors in the United States. HBP is proud to retail and advertise medications that are literally a fraction of the cost. Head over to to take advantage of the truly affordable prices. 

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