Solving Sample Papers: An Advantage to your Exam Preparation

Board exams are considered an important milestone in our education system. The marks obtained in the 10th and 12th board exams define your career path. Apart from taking admission in good colleges, the board exam marks play an important role in various competitive examinations like IIT JEE etc. Thus passing the board exam with good percentages is a difficult road to take. 

Those who are preparing for the Board exams go through a mental turmoil. To reduce this exam pressure you must solve the sample papers. If you practise the CBSE Sample Papers then you will feel confident during the exams. Solving the previous years’ question papers counts as an important part of exam preparation. It works as a bonus point to boost your preparation level.

Every year the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts the examination for all classes usually in the month of March/April. The result is being declared by the end of May/June. To pass the exam with good percentages, students really need to work hard and burn the midnight candle. Mostly all the students do this. But apart from this, there is one major part that plays a vital role in the preparation of the exam is to solve the sample papers. For the students of board exams, it’s very important to solve the sample papers. You won’t feel confident enough in your final exams until & unless you have practised the different types of questions from sample papers.

Once they are done studying by covering the entire syllabus then they should focus on practising as many questions as they can. The best resources for practising are the sample papers. Sample papers are based on the last year papers such as CBSE Class 10 sample papers are designed according to the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 10

How to Solve the Sample Papers

Here are the important methods through which you can make the most of the sample papers. It is one of the best revision resources for exam preparation. Even teachers also refer to the sample papers while framing the question paper. CBSE provides sample papers class wise as well as subject wise on their official website along with the answer key.

  1. The sample papers resemble the actual question paper pattern. Therefore, you should solve the sample papers seriously.
  2. Solve the paper in the allocated time duration.
  3. Do not go through the answers until you have done with all the questions. Be honest to yourself. 
  4. While solving the paper if you find something that is tricky & different from the NCERT Syllabus then don’t waste time on it. Just move to the next question.
  5. While solving the sample papers, try to develop time management skills in you.
  6. Once you are done with solving the question paper, evaluate your performance by yourself.
  7. Check your answer sheet & give marks as per the instructions. 
  8. While going through the answer sheet, you will find some silly mistakes. Try not to repeat them again. 
  9. Find out your strong & weak points. Accordingly, work on it. 
  10. Be consistent with your practice & you will definitely see a change in your performance after some time. 

Just merely solving 2-3 papers will not give you any result. Try to solve at least 20 papers before your actual exam. And it will be more beneficial if you start solving the papers 50 days before the board exams. You will get enough time to work on your weak areas. Also, you will have a good revision by solving the sample papers. Some answers and important formulas will be on your fingertips. After doing so you will get to know how much you are really prepared to face the exam. It’s good if you are getting good marks. But don’t feel disappointed if you are not able to score well. Be consistent with your studies and practice regularly until you achieve perfection. Slowly after a certain time, you will start seeing the results of your continuous effort.

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