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I’m sure you’ve visited websites and applications on which you feel that you’ve wasted your time because they are slow and very hard to surf. You feel an urge to register a complaint to their customer care, but their customer care doesn’t open as well. The situation overall becomes nerve wracking. So, to avoid the above things from happening to your website, you need to invest in the things which will enhance the customer experience of your website. Especially when you’re a citizen of Ohio, US it becomes a necessity to update as there’s a heavy online competition. Being an eCommerce website owner, you need to have a robust server which can handle all the fluctuating traffic and data load. What is better than a Dedicated Server Hosting in Ohio from Serverwala? A dedicated server serves ohio a single unit which means on one server there will be one company. Your website performance will not be dependent on the other parties as it does if you have a shared server. If you want to know more, keep reading!

Ohio Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a boon if you are an eCommerce website owner in Ohio. Serverwala dedicated server provides you premium services with robust performance. A dedicated server in ohio is like owning your own piece of land where you can build flats or bungalows, provide services of your choice and pay for what you spent. You can customize a Ohio dedicated server from Serverwala the way you like. Unlike shared hosting, in which your website’s performance is dependent on other members present on the same server, a dedicated server hosts only one company so the performance remains intact. There will be a minimum chance of lags.

Importance of Dedicated Server Ohio for Business Website

There are several benefits of using a dedicated server ohio for business use. Some of many are mentioned below:

  1. Speed– When we talk about a dedicated server in ohio, it means all the resources and performance is utilized by a single website unlike a shared server where 1000s of people consume the same services in portion. In a dedicated server from Serverwala you are going to get a full meal and not a bite. This implies that all the resources will indulge together in enhancing the speed of the website as there is only one party who’ll consume all of it. So, you get the best optimized speed and performance of your website. Don’t worry because your customers will be ‘Oh! So happy!’ with this server in Ohio.
  1. Security- Security is the key to a successful website. If you use a public platform or cloud service to host your website like a shared server, then there is a probability that the website’s important data can be breached or can be hacked. To conquer that, you should invest in a cheap dedicated server ohio from Serverwala to host your eCommerce website as you’ll get an isolated hosting environment. No third party will not be able to do unwanted activities as there will be none.
  1. Control- If you invest in a dedicated server from Serverwala in Ohio, you’ll possibly get maximum control over your hardware and software because you’ll be the boss of it. You’ll be given full freedom to control it the way you want.
  1. Scalability- It is possible that your website grows in sometime and you may need to upgrade your services according to the new traffic. Dedicated server hosting in ohio for Serverwala is very scalable. You can increase or decrease your resources at any point of time.
  1. Customization– Serverwala allows you to customize that ohio dedicated server for your business/ eCommerce website the way you want. You can add up software, etc. to your website. Serverwala gives you a hosting environment which will make you say, ‘It’s worth the money.

Take a Glance at Serverwala’s Ohio Based Dedicated Hosting

Serverwala in Ohio is the best of the best. It is a hosting company which hosts 1000s of people globally. Serverwala has won many awards for their great and consistent performance and will continue to do so. Once a person opts Serverwala dedicated server in Ohio will surely not switch to any company or plan. They provide maximum uptime and 24×7 active customer cell. Serverwala has innumerable loyal customers who are enjoying the perks of a dedicated server from Serverwala. You need to try it first to feel the difference.

Why Host with Serverwala’s Cheap Dedicated Server in Ohio?

You should host with Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server in Ohio because you can customize it exactly the way you want. You can make your dream website come to life by using Serverwala.

  1. Control panel- Management of a server is a hassle but not any more when you have such robust control panels from Serverwala. You can have Plesk, cPanel or such other excellent panels as your control panel and you are good to go.
  1. OS- There are pre-stored OS and you can choose the best one for you. You can install it and your website will flourish to the peaks in no time. A good website, especially like an eCommerce website, needs a good operating system.
  1. Host websites- Serverwala will not restrict you here too. You can host innumerable websites. It’s up to you. In fact, you can transfer your website from your current server be it a shared or VPS server to your brand-new Ohio dedicated server from Serverwala.
  1. Root access– As I told you, you’ll be your own boss. You’ll be provided the root access to your server so you can function more efficiently.
  1. Excellent performance- As there will be no other party on the same server, the performance of your website will not be hampered by any means.
  1. Setup on us– Setting up a server can be a hassle in terms of time as well as money. But Serverwala provides you free installation of your dedicated server hosting ohio in the quickest and cleanest way possible.
  1. Reliability- As there are no other companies on your server, increases the overall reliability of your server.
  1. Security- Security is the key to a successful website. You get a completely isolated hosting environment so that no one will cause any disturbance.
  1. One for one- You get completely dedicated resources, your RAM, CPU, storage. Sharing is not caring in this case. 
  1. Customization- You’ll get maximum customization when you opt a dedicated server ohio from Serverwala in Ohio for your eCom website. You can change specifications as much as you like.


Are you still in confusion after reading all the above points? Don’t stay confused. Research as much as you can. Trust me, you’ll not find a better option than Serverwala in Ohio because it’s not just better, it’s the best. You’ll get premium hosting services at the cheapest price possible. 24×7 customer support with 99.99% uptime is not served everywhere. List down your requirements and needs, look out for plans that fulfil all and opt for that one. I’m sure you’ll find a fulfilling plan in the given variants of Serverwala cheap dedicated server in Ohio.


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