How Will Shoe Boxes Accomplish the Market Demands in the New Year?

To manufacture Shoe Boxesthe materials that are used most commonly are Cardboard or Hard card that ensures that the structure is resilient to any stresses it might face. Apart from that, these boxes are precisely designed to provide the customer with a sense of satisfaction that they invested in an overall good package. There are basically two major types of boxes for shoes. These are the Classic shoebox and the Clamshell shoebox. The Clamshell type is similar to the folding cartons. It folds twice to take its shape. It is usually 4mm thick, which makes sure that the box is durable. The packaging has a vital role in the growth of any business. The same is the case for the footwear you own. Shoe boxes are the perfect tool that signifies the quality of your brand. Their design may vary from brand to brand, but their functionality stays the same. These shoe packages can be used for more than just storing your footwear. They can be used to market your brand and help you with skyrocketing sales.

Design inspiration for the New Year

As the Holiday season of 2020 is approaching with each passing day, so with this, everyone is already thinking about what they did this year and how they are going to change their lives in the year that is coming ahead. You can use your footwear boxes in a way that inspires and relates with your customers. You can choose the design options that have some motivational quotes right on the box to motivate the crowd. You can print the hashtags related to the New Year right on the box so that your customers know that you are fully participating in the spirit of New Year. To add joy to your luxury shoe boxesyou can also wrap the shoes in the special paper that is printed as well. For instance, The company which makes cross-trainers implemented this design and used printed wrapping papers that said “what is in you for the next year?” and then left a blank line for the customers to fill it. These techniques build a strong bond between the customers and the brand, which is highly beneficial for the growth of a company.

Creating a box with a presence

While there are many shoe packaging ideas out there that mainly focus on how to make these packages attractive for the consumers, but in reality, some boxes are not only meant for carrying your footwear. Your customers keep them even after the footwear has been gone. These boxes provide a sense of presence to the customers. These can be used for several other purposes. These do not need to be extraordinarily painted. These can be used as drawer dividers and can help in organizing your stuff. These are the things that help a brand relationship with the customers, and the customers feel at home while shopping from such brands. Therefore, if you are looking to target your consumer base this Holiday season, then you need to come up with a design and a brand story that your customers love.

Match the box with the product

In the past, people did not pay attention to the simple corrugated shoe boxes. Now people are aware or to put it in best terms, people are expecting the companies to package their products in a way that it looks and feels more premium and at the same time relatable to the product. You can do this with ease. You have to think of a way that the box can match the essence of the shoe inside the box. It is not a hard task to do. You can do this by just matching the colors or hint the texture of the footwear over the box. This will add to a good customer experience, and this is crucial for the success of any business.

Custom Inserts

Custom inserts never go out of style for any packaging. The best part about this particular technique is that it is not expensive at all, and you can update your shoe boxes storage in a matter of hours. It is the little things in the business that can help you in the long run. Moreover, this is the perfect opportunity for you to make a strong impression on the minds of your customers. Custom inserts can include a special thank-you note for the person that buys your product. Or, as the New Year is approaching, you can add a Happy New Year card in the box to make your customers happy. This will certainly work as a surprise because your customer will not be expecting anything other than the shoe that they paid for. This will make sure that they realize that your brand values the customer experience.


Last but not least, a bit of minimalism never goes out of style. You should keep in mind that if you are one of those stores that sell classic dressing shoes, then choosing funky looking boxes might not be the best idea for you. You should, in fact, opt for classic elegant designs with modest colors and minimal design optimizations. You can further enhance the look by adding a matte touch to the box. But to exhibit that you are participating in the New Year like everyone else, you can print small hashtags on the box. This would not look too complex and will also send the right message to the customers.  With New Year approaching closer, you need to step up your game if you want to fulfill the market demands and use The Premium Boxes to grow your business further. So far, you understand how you can apply certain touches that would add to the customer experience. So get creative and get started!

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