Checking for Content Originality – 100% Free Grammar & Plagiarism Checker

Checking your posts for originality and human errors is very important. You should do it religiously to avoid all sorts of ugly accusations and blames. The plagiarism checker and grammar checker tools are very important not only for freelancers, writers, students but also for teachers and website managers. 

There are hundreds of online resources that can help you screen your files for these mistakes but not all of them have a good reputation. 

Finally, today the coming paragraphs will tell you about the top-notch tools that can help you check plagiarism and grammar under the same platform and with complete reliability.

Plagiarism Checker – SmallSEOTools 

The free plagiarism checker tool by SmallSeoTools is one of the free services that you can find on the internet. To use this online plagiarism checker, you don’t need any expertise. This plagiarism tool is online-based and can be used on every device having a browser on it.  You have to insert the content in the tool’s input box and click the big blue button, ‘Check Plagiarism’. Right next to this button, you would also see the option that says, ‘check grammar’. You can use either of these options for their respective purposes. You can also add files of different formats in this copyright checker if you don’t want to copy and paste the text. It has integrations with your local storage as well as with google drive and dropbox.

Checking your content can be amazingly easy if you have this tool bookmarked on your browser. 


This is a free tool for checking grammar and plagiarism in a file. However, suppose you want to get detailed and downloadable results. You have to purchase the premium version of it which comes at a certain cost. The work of this plagiarism checker service is quite intriguing. You can add the raw text in the tool that you want to check for errors, and you can also add the URL of the website and find out if someone is stealing content from your source. This scanner tool can also tell you about every modification that has been made in your content and is found in other sources on the web. This tool is also capable of fixing your grammar and duplication errors.


Grammarly is a tool which is very much famous for its accuracy. One should know that this online tool is a gift for everyone related to content writing. Suppose you want to generate content in the highest quality and free of plagiarism. In that case, all you have to do is get along with the different packages of Grammarly after making an account. Grammarly can be used online, and you can also download it for your MS word and other writing sources. Grammarly uses AI to scan the content you have written or have received. The tool can tell you all about the grammatical errors, punctuation problems, spelling mistakes, clarity issues, and even plagiarism found in your work. You can easily fight all of these errors and remove them by using the solutions offered by Grammarly. 

This plagiarism checker is not a free service. Still, you can enjoy a limited free version of it without any experience. You have to sign up with the tool to use it because of its policies. This scanner tool is one of the most accurate services that you can find on the web. This content checker tool can get you the most comprehensive reports about the mistakes found in your content. There is no chance that this plagiarism checker tool can miss even a single percentage of plagiarism in the process of content scanning. It has integrations with over billions of webpages and websites, so there is no need for you to worry about the tool’s reliability!


This is another website tool that can help you scan content for both plagiarism and grammatical issues. You must know that this website offers both free and paid services, which is why you should try it out. With duplichecker, you can easily check up to 50 queries worth a thousand words for duplication and grammar errors. You have to paste a thousand words in the tool’s text box or upload the file using the insertion options. After inserting your input, you have to click on the option that says ‘check plagiarism’ or ‘check grammar’. The tool would get you a detailed report about your content’s originality in less than ten seconds. This tool also offers paid packages starting from 20 dollars a month to 200. 

All of these listed plagiarism checker tools can help you find all sorts of errors from your content, including human mistakes. Plagiarism and grammar checking are important because they can save you from the embarrassment of low quality. Moreover, you can also find out and remove traces of accidental plagiarism with these tools!

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