Benefits of Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Stone massage is a kind of deep tissue massage therapy or bodywork which is done by using one or two sets of stone as a technique to relax and relieve the body from pains, aches, or stiffness. The stones used can be cold or hot. The stone massage is also a great technique to improve emotional health.

What is Himalayan salt stone massage?

In Himalayan salt stone massage, balls or stones made of crystals of pure Himalayan salt are used to relax muscles, release tension, and soothe the body pains.

The Himalayan salt is extracted from mines located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is the purest form of a salt with lesser impurities and more minerals. The ancient people had been using this salt for the treatment of allergies and to alleviate body soreness due to its magical therapeutic features.

Today, the Himalayan salt stones are widely used for hot and cold stone massage due to the healing properties of the salt and the presence of 84 essential elements in it.

Benefits of Himalayan salt stone massage 

The Himalayan salt stone massage provides deep relaxation and enhances the increased sense of well being by providing the given benefits:

  • Reduces inflammation:

The inflammation in the body is usually occurred due to the excess positive ions. The Himalayan salt stone massage balances positive ions by releasing negative ions and as a result, inflammation and swelling in the body are decreased. 

  • Exfoliates the skin

Himalayan salt is antibacterial and thus the salt stone massage removes debris and dead cells from the skin. The skin is exfoliated and replenished due to the presence of essential elements in the salt.

  • Reduces stress

The warm Himalayan salt stone used in massage sends a signal to the body to turn off the stress mode and turn on the relaxation mode. One feels calmer and fresh.

  • Mineral absorption

The Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals which are being absorbed by the body during a hot stone massage, hence the mineral loss occurred due to the stress, anxiety, or workout is retrieved.

  • Zero the effect of electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiations emitted by various electronic devices are very harmful to the human body. The Himalayan salt stone massage lessens the effect of these radiations and helps the body to regain the energy lost.

How to use the Himalayan salt stone for massage:

The Himalayan salt stones are multifunctional and come in a variety of shapes and sizes .it is important to mention here that the Himalayan salt stones can be used heated or chilled! 

Taking a Himalayan hot salt stone massage session at a massage center or spa is a great idea to relax and recline after a tiring day. However, if you want to have a heavenly feeling of Himalayan salt hot stone massage at home just follow these steps

  • Clean the Himalayan salt massage stone with a dry cloth
  • Heat the stone in the stone heater or micro oven for one minute
  • Now use the stone to relax the stiffed and tired muscles.

You can also take a cool stone massage with the Himalayan salt massage stone and for this

  • Just keep the stone in the fridge or freezer to enjoy a perfect cooling massage
  • Use the stone to soothe the bruises and lesions

Lavender oil or cedar wood oil can be added to enhance the massage benefits.

Himalayan salt hot stone massage technique:

The Himalayan salt massage stone is usually in a round or a heart shape. 

The heated round balls combined with the essential oils are rolled under the feet to lessen the pain and aches. The stone can also be rolled under the arms to reduce the soreness.

The stomach discomfort can be relieved by placing many warm balls on it.

How to clean Himalayan salt massage stone

Himalayan salt is anti-microbial and does not require to be disinfected. However, you can clean the salt massage stone in the following ways

  • Prepare thyme and tea tree oil solution in a spray bottle and spray it on the Himalayan salt massage stone then dry the stone with a cloth or towel immediately.
  • Hot water with few drops of vinegar can also be used to clean the massage stone. Dip the stone in the water for a few seconds and then dry it.

Always store the Himalayan salt massage stone in a moisture-free place to increase its life.

Himalayan salt bowl lamps with massage stone:

Himalayan salt bowl lamp also called fire bowls or pink salt bowls are handcrafted bowls made of pure Himalayan salt crystals. These bowls are filled with smooth Himalayan salt massage stones and are mostly used for decorating purposes. A 20-watt bulb is inserted below the crystal stones. The lamp when lit, looks artistic with an amazing orange glow and also provides all the therapeutic properties of Himalayan salt. An additional benefit of the lamp is that the massage stones in the bowl are heated by the warmth of the bulb and are used for hot salt stone massage.

The Himalayan salt bowl lamp deodorizes and purifies the air while massage with the stones in the lamp provides a composed feeling. 


  • The Himalayan salt bowl lamp provides the following benefits
  • Removes dust and bacteria from the air
  • Improves sleep 
  • Relieves symptoms of cough and allergy 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety


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