Different Ways for People with Hip Surgery to Use the Bathroom with Ease

Around 35% of people suffer from a hip injury or a leg injury in their lifetime. And for that one may have to undergo some medical procedures as well. As long as you take the precautions you stay away from pain or infections. A hip injury can lead to someone’s death as well if not treated well. The market is coming up with tools and equipment which can help a person from treating an injured person well or the post-treatment. According to experts, people with hip injuries must use special equipment while using a restroom or a bathroom to avoid injuries.

 With the increasing digitization, it has become easier to order medical equipment from medical online stores. As doctors say one should take all the precautions after an injury because it is always better than cure. At Vesalius health one can get numerous equipment or tools which can provide you with additional support while you use your bathroom. This equipment can help in making your life much easier and safe. We are well aware of the fact that people with hip injuries are not able to use the bathroom that easily because the floor is wet most of the time and sometimes they won’t be able to stand while they sit on the toilet seat.

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Tools which can help while you use your bathroom for people with a hip injury especially) :

 At Vesalius health, there are tools and equipment which one can use while they use the washroom. These tools can be used by anyone in general but they are specifically meant for people with a hip injury. 

  1. Grab rod: They are one of the best tools which one can install in their bathroom. One can install them behind the toilet seat or below the tap or shower to hold them up. They are also known as grab bars as well and they provide a person with extra support that they require. They come in various lengths and are designed in a way to support a person’s body weight. Grab bars can act as a great support when you dismiss your body balance. One can quickly hold the garb rod and can rebuild their body balance and can save them from falling on the floor. One can easily get grab bars from medical online stores at affordable prices.
  1. Anti-slip rug: As the name suggests anti-slip rug or mat, let your floor become non-slippery so one won’t fall on the bathroom floor. They are quite easy to find and are very affordable as well. One can lay them down on an area that is wet most of the time as a shower area or around the washbasin to reduce or cut off the slipperiness from that area. And anti-slip rugs are also very easy to install, just take them out and lay them on the floor and you are all good to go.
  1. Extensions for toilet seats: Extensions are an extra cushion for seats that raise the level of your toilet seats. They do come in different materials, one can get their hands on the comfiest one according to their budget. Extension seats help a person to stand up with much ease and less power. So it is good for people who face this problem where they find it difficult to stand once they sit on the toilet seat.
  1. A small bench: one can also place a bench outside a bathtub to avoid injuries. One can place their foot on the bench and can stand up easily without getting hurt. The market is full of small benches for bathrooms from different materials like wood and plastic. One can also go for the transfer bench which comes with soft cushioning on top and which is water-resistant as well. Get one from medical online stores and enjoy their benefits.
  1. Proper bathroom drainage system: If your bathroom always remains wet and takes hours to get dry, one must check into their drainage system and can modify it according to the needs. One can modify their bathrooms and area in bathrooms which remain wet most of the time. Always clear out the extra water whenever you use your bathroom to avoid a slippery floor. One should keep soap and other necessary things near to each other, so one doesn’t have to go from here to there.


 By buying some of the above-mentioned tools one can save their loved ones from tripping on the bathroom floor. At Vesalius health one can find numerous medical supplies and equipment which helps to make a person’s life much easier and simple. Install these tools in your bathrooms and one will get to see the results on their own. 

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