Are Power Racks Worth It?

It can be difficult to maximize your workouts when training at home, as your friends and family are likely unwilling or unable to spot you every time you lift. Although no piece of gear is a perfect substitute for a professional trainer, power racks allow you to drop or release weight when it becomes too straining, allowing you to realistically assess your ability to continue without fear of ruining the flooring of your home gym. Power racks also facilitate the rapid addition of weight plates for a more efficient workout. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying:

  • Do You Consistently Lift Heavy?

If you spend most of your time toning with right reps and light weights or doing high intensity interval training, only occasionally introducing heavy weight, a power rack might not be justifiable for your budget. If you want to increase your weight load while continuing to do staple exercises like squats and bench presses, a power rack is a virtual necessity. Of course, even if you rarely lift substantial weight, having a safety rack for when you do can save you from a painful and annoying injury.

  • Are You Looking to Diversify Your Routine?

Squats and bench presses aren’t the only exercises fitness racks can afford you. Wall mounted racks, standard racks, and rack accessories can increase the number of exercises you can do significantly. With a quality rack, your workout is limited only by your knowledge and creativity. Dips, weighted pullups, and muscleups are only a few of your options.

  • Do You Want to Build a Complete Home Gym?

If you have made the decision to invest in a full home gym, a power rack is a staple accessory you can’t do without. Along with weight racks and select popular machines, a power rack is essential for safely performing the most efficient muscle building workouts any fitness enthusiast relies on.  Racks are especially important for those who care about testing their limits, as they serve as a critical backup should any set prove too difficult.

  • What Are Your Constraints?

Racks are bulky, so If you usually lift in your walk-in closet, a full size rack may not be for you. Similarly, if you are a student on an extreme budget, quality bumper plates and racks may be more expensive than you can currently afford. Still, compromises are usually possible. If you have limited space in your basement, for example, consider clearing out room in the garage. If you need to spend your money on living necessities, set aside a portion of your funds for purchasing workout equipment. Unlike many other expenses, workout equipment can pay for itself over time as you stay healthy and happy and out of the doctor’s office.

When working with heavy weights, safety is always key. Whether you’ve just started building a full gym at home, or you simplify want to expand your workouts, power racks can help you make the most of your exercise time while saving your joints and tendons from strain-related injuries.

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