5 Lash Enhancing Alternatives That Are Cheaper Than Lash Extensions

Agreed, lash extensions are really glamorous, and they make your eyes look sexy, but they can be very expensive and hard to maintain, not to mention the damaging effects the glue can cause to your eyes if you are not careful. Why you would use a lash extension when there is an eyelash growth serum totally beats me. Lash serums are the only lash growth products that can give you longer, thicker, and fuller lashes naturally. 

With extensions, you go through the stress of obeying too many rules like; do not get them wet, do not rub them, make sure you fill them regularly, and so on. 

Instead of going through that stress, there are some alternatives that give the same great look but with less stress and less money. 

We have brought down some alternative solutions below: 

  1. A lash serum 

They give you everything a lash extension does, but this time, it is your real lashes that are looking to die for. Not only are they cheap to purchase, but they also do not put you through any stress. All you have to do is apply in the morning and night. That’s all! 

They do not compromise our lash health, are safe to use, and most importantly, get you the lashes you need in little or no time.  If you want to ditch your extensions, an eyelash serum is definitely the answer 

  1. A  lash lift 

Another good option is the lash lift. With this treatment, no artificial lashes are added to your lashes, so there is very little to irritate your lashes or your eyes.   They make your lash beautiful by using a combination of pads and keratin to make your lashes curl and separate them. 

The good thing about this is, it can last for up to 2 months, and you do not have to go to the salon to touch it up constantly. You can get a lash lift for as low as $60. 

  1. A lash tint 

This is usually done alongside a lash lift. You can decide to do this alone too. A lash is suitable when you need that mysterious dark look for your lashes. What a lash tint does is; tints your lashes and makes them look darker. 

If you have lashes that are lighter especially if you are a blonde or redhead, then this is for you. Also, if your lashes are already extra-long and curly, and you want more definition, then a lash lift is also a good choice. 

They are very affordable. Treatment costs about $15 dollars. 

In conclusion, 

Instead of wasting time and money on extensions, you could as well try one of these alternatives. But we will advise you to go for lash serums. Not just because they are cheap, they give your lashes a permanent solution. 

It takes a lash serum about a month to work, and when it gives you the fuller, darker, thicker lashes, you would no longer need any of these products listed above, even your sacred extensions. 

Be a smart woman and make wise decisions. Get yourself a lash serum that works today save yourself the constant visit to the salon just to look good.  

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