Y2mate.com : How to Use it and download YouTube Video through it

Nowadays YouTube become one of the best sources of watching videos online. According to reports, on average, 694000 hours of videos are watched on YouTube every minute. But, could you download YouTube videos and save them to your device storage?

So, here in this blog, we will get the answer to this question and how a third-party website “Y2mate.com” permits you to freely download YouTube videos. 

Do you want to learn how to use Y2mate for YouTube video download? This y2mte.com review will provide you with all of the necessary details. With the help of Y2mate, it becomes easy to download YouTube video and have a collection of them. 

Although YouTube Premium permits you to download YouTube videos, they are only stored in the app. On the other hand, Y2mate.com allows you to save and upload them wherever you choose.

In this blog, we will discuss the various features of Y2mate and how it can be used to download YouTube videos. We will also look at the pros and cons of Y2mate.com. So, without any further delay, let’s look at the Y2mate review. 

What is Y2mate?

Y2Mate is a video and audio download platform that allows users to download and access audio and video content from a variety of websites and streaming services to watch them later offline. You can use Y2mate to convert and download HD video and audio files from sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

 A few of the file formats supported by Y2mate.com are M4V, MP4, MO, MP3, and FLV. It also allows video and audio download from recognized sites for free, making it one of the most-efficient methods available.

The web and app versions of the Y2mate have a series of tabs that may assist customers in understanding the entire video and audio download process. Additionally, using a streaming service or a video platform is simple through Y2mate.com. Not only that, but you can operate Y2mate from any platform, including Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, and experience the highest level of ease and dependability. 

How to Download YouTube Videos through Y2mate?

 Y2Mate is simple and feature-rich YouTube video download software.

To download YouTube videos, first, download Y2Mate and install it on your Windows PC. You may download entire playlists and 3D videos, with this free software. You can also access the Y2mate.com website for audio and video download

Open a web browser and copy the YouTube video URL which you want to download through the address bar. Enter the video’s URL in a standard way and the site will offer you a program for audio and video download

If copying the video address isn’t convenient, Y2Mate allows you to insert the letters “pp” at the last of the word YouTube in the address bar and be taken to a similar download page.

Although the Y2mate service is free, it does contain multiple ads that may be blocked by using an ad blocker.

Pros and Cons of Y2mate

Let’s have look at some advantages and drawbacks of the Y2mate video downloader


  • You can download unlimited audio and video files through Y2mate
  • Because the Y2mate tool is cloud-based, it converts and downloads videos quickly, allowing the final product to be given in seconds
  • You will not be required to register or upload any personal information to use Y2mate
  • Can be easily accessed through any platform


  • Y2mate is a web-based application that requires a continuous internet connection. As a result, consumers looking for an offline tool will not find it useful
  • Some users have reported receiving an excessive number of unwanted pop-ups while using this tool

Major Features of Y2mate

Let’s have look at some key features of Y2mate which makes it unique and efficient for users. 

YouTube Videos Downloader

Y2mate is one of the best YouTube video download service providers. Without requiring any additional software or registration, you may download video and audio files in a variety of formats through it. 

Y2mate will perform the necessary conversion in most efficiently and effectively manner possible and will provide a link to the result file for download. The download is simple, quick, and without any limitations.

YouTube Video Convertor

After downloading videos and audio, Y2mate allows you to convert them. Furthermore, files can be saved in a variety of formats for free, including MP4, 3GP, and M4A, without requiring any further software or registration.

There’s no need to worry; y2mate.com will efficiently complete the conversion and provide a download link for the output file.

YouTube to MP3 Convertor

Y2mate offers a YouTube to MP3 converter that works effectively to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files in just a few clicks. The good news is that you have entire control over the converted MP3 file’s quality, as you can choose between 64kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, and 320kbps quality levels.

Whatever number of YouTube videos you want to convert into MP3 format, you can easily do with Y2mate.com

Major Requirements to Run Y2mate.com

  • The first and the major requirement is enough storage capacity to store all converted films and audio.
  • Y2mate is a free online video and audio download service provider. To utilize it, you’ll need an existing web browser. Getting started should be simple with common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • A stable internet connection is essential to sustain continuous access to the conversion service as well as to ensure that the converted files can be downloaded without issue.
  • You’ll need to work on one of the supported platforms — Y2mate is compatible with all of them.

Is Y2mate.com Safe to Use?

In general, Y2mate.com is not a risky website. The site’s continuous notifications and pop-ups, on the other hand, can damage your computer’s operating system. Additionally, when a user clicks on an ad on the Y2mate site, they are sent to another malicious website.

Is it Legal to Download YouTube Videos?

YouTube’s terms of service state that you can only watch videos directly from the company’s servers, therefore using third-party tools to download YouTube videos is violation of their rules. Downloading YouTube videos puts you at risk of copyright infringement unless you have authorization from the copyright holder. 

YouTube, on the other hand, offers specialized choices for downloading videos via its web service and mobile app.


With the above discussion, now you must aware of Y2mate.com and its services to download YouTube videos. No doubt, it is one of the best third-party websites to download and store YouTube videos in your device storage. 

Note that, we are not promoting any illegal download of YouTube videos. Here, we are only providing you with details regarding the Y2mate website and its services. With a YouTube Premium subscription, you can download videos to view later without using third-party software. 

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