Things You Can’t Avoid While Buying 5G Smartphone

Currently, we all are living in an era, where technology is continuously transforming and it becomes highly difficult for us to match the pace of the technological transformation. Nowadays, Smartphone becomes one of the most important tools in everyone’s life, and why not? Now we can easily perform multiple tasks with a single click on Smartphone like payments, ticket bookings, bills, etc. without giving outside. 

That’s why it is also important to bring continuous technology transformation to Smartphones to make them more accessible and multi-tasking with faster network speed. No doubt, you have already heard about 5G for Smartphones and most of the telecom networks as well as Smartphones companies are continuously working on it. 

No doubt, there are various reasons to buy a 5G Smartphone as most importantly it is too much faster than 4G. But that doesn’t mean the 5GG technology is perfect as still it is quite new in the market.

 The people at Speedcheck going to share few points worth considering before buying a 5G Smartphone and you can’t avoid these things. 

What is 5G Technology?

Before moving further, it is important to know something about 5G as it helps us in better understanding this technology, and is it worth investing in or not? 

Similar to 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, 5G is also a fifth-generation mobile network that connects everyone virtually and together including objects, devices, and machines. It is a wireless technology that provides faster data speed, more reliability, higher network capacity, ultra-low latency, and enhanced user-experience that boosts the performance and efficiency of the device. 

Points You Can’t Avoid While Investing in 5G

No doubt, 5G is quicker than previous networks, but you can’t neglect that it is new in the market and require some reforms. At Speedcheck, we consider few points which you can’t avoid while buying a 5G Smartphone

  • Outrageous Pricing

In the market, Smartphones are available in every price range but most of the users are the buyers of mid-range pricing Smartphones and that’s why the Chinese Smartphone market is seeing a huge boom with its mid-range pricing Smartphones. 

But, you need to drop some serious cash to buy a 5G Smartphone as even the least expensive 5G smartphone charges 25000. No doubt, the price of 5G Smartphones is decreasing, but still, it is more than enough for mid-range buyers and they need to wait a little bit more to invest in the 5G Smartphone.  

  • Limited Variety

When it comes to 4G devices, you have a variety of options in the market and they are available from low price ranges to higher price ranges. That’s why 4G Smartphones are highly loved by every type of user. 

But in the case of a 5G Smartphone, currently, there are only a few options in the market and that too of the expensive range which makes it difficult for users to purchase a new 5G Smartphone. So while buying a new 5G Smartphone, you need to select from a limited variety and also need to lose your pocket a little bit more. 

  • Still Not a Perfect 5G 

As in starting, we told that 5G is a net technology and it needs to go from various reforms to come as the best one in the market. Still, most of the Smartphone companies and telecom networks are working on enhancing their functionalities to make it them more valuable to customers. 

Currently, there are fewer areas that support 5 networks, and if your area doesn’t come within the 5G range then you need to rely on the old cell services. Even if your area supports 5G that doesn’t mean you will see faster speed because of variation in the speed of 5G.

  • Requires More Battery

No doubt, 5G has better network speed and offers more functionality than earlier network services. But to avail the benefits of 5G, you need to compromise with the battery life of the device. A 5G Smartphone consumer 30 to 40 times more batter in comparison to a 4G Smartphone. 

Still, in the market, there is not the availability of massive batter size for the 5G devices and that’s where you find it difficult to use such a device for long hours. 


Nowadays every Smartphone user wants value for money and no doubt 5G Smartphones are the most advanced in the market. If you have money to spend and live in the area with proper 5G coverage then a 5G Smartphone is worth buying, but it is difficult to find such a situation in the current scenario.

But at Speedcheck, we have found that currently, 5G requires more reforms and that’s why most of the telecom providers and Smartphone companies are effectively working on it to make it better and accessible for every user-base. 

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