How to Get Your Small Business into the Fast Track by Leveraging the Power of Instagram?

Even though Instagram made a modest beginning as a smartphone app meant for users to shoot candid photos and share them with like-minded people, people took to it very much for it fully visual orientation that was a stark contrast with the rest of social media that were focused on text. With Instagram becoming popular, it did not take long for businesses to realize the potential of using it as a marketing tool. While most big brands are using Instagram to connect to their target audiences, build brand awareness, and drive engagement, many small businesses have yet to wake up to the potential of Instagram to make their enterprises succeed. Below are some effective methods a small business can employ to harness the power and influence of Instagram to drive growth and the solution for how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

Locate Your Target Audience and Interact with Them

Conventional marketing theory requires businesses to conduct intensive research to identify their target audience so that they can talk to them appropriately. However, identifying potential customers on Instagram is far simpler as you just need to visit the accounts of brands that deal with products or services similar to your or the accounts of people who are leaders in your niche. It is quite likely that the followers of these accounts will also be interested in following your business. Of course, not all of their followers will follow you, but there is a good chance that many of them will try to engage with you if they find your content interesting and relevant to their needs and aspirations. An effective way of getting noticed is by liking their posts and commenting on them, and even sending them direct messages, however, you must make the interaction customized to each follower so that it does not seem that you are trying to spam them or generically talk to them using an automated response tool.

Create Content That Resonates with Your Target Audience 

Now that you know what kind of people are likely to be interested in your business, you need to figure out the sort of content that will keep them engaged so that in due course of time, they will become loyal customers and brand advocates. Again, a good point to start is the content being posted by the competition that is finding the greatest engagement. Typically, you will find inspirational quotes, behind-the-scenes videos of your business, sneak previews of products, employee selfies, as well as user-generated content finding the most resonance with users. By experimenting with the content, you will be able to discover what content goes down the best with your followers, however, it is important not to post only one kind of content but to offer a variety so that it does not become boring. If you do not have a large enough following to create a buzz around your brand, consider using the services of specialist Instagram marketing agencies like Blastup to buy real Instagram followers and engagement. nowadays people have multiple Crazy business ideas to make his future more strong.

Make the Bio Interesting

Because Instagram is a more informal social media platform, brands are not restricted to adopting a stiff and impersonal stance in the bio section. Keeping in mind the character restriction, they can still structure the bio in a way that explains what the business is all bout but in a more fun and engaging way using vertical spacing and even emojis to make it more arresting. By putting yourself in the shoes of your followers, you will be able to guess what they would like to see in the bio. Again, an examination of what your main competitors are doing can help to inspire though you must resist the temptation to be a copycat. The point to keep in mind is that while being creative is good, you should not sacrifice clarity and sense of purpose for the sake of being innovative. The function of an Instagram bio is to introduce your business and inform the audience about what you do and what value your deliver without any ambiguity and you should not allow creativity to impinge on it.

Post Very Well-Composed, Interesting, and High-Quality Photos and Videos

Since Instagram has always been all about visuals, not unexpectedly, its users have a very high expectation of the quality of the images and videos posted on it. Many big businesses choose to employ professional photographers to deliver perfectly composed and very high-quality images and videos. However, even if you are not in a position to afford a professional photographer, you can take photos with a good DSLR or even some of the mode advanced smartphones that have very high-resolution cameras. Considering some of the best pictures use natural light, you should always try to ensure that you can use natural light to your advantage even when indoors by timing the photoshoot appropriately. Make it a point to edit your photos before uploading them so that they look their best. Some businesses use special effects using filters consistently on all their images so that users recall the brand better.

Use a Well-Defined Hashtag Strategy

With millions of images being uploaded on Instagram daily, it is more than likely that a follower may miss seeing your post. It means that you need to do adequate hashtag research so that you use the most relevant ones. It may not be wise to use the most popular hashtags as the number of posts using it will be so many that your posts may still not become visible. Rather, using hashtags that are reasonably popular but are more relevant to your industry will bet you more results. Even though establishing a branded hashtag can take time, it can be worth the effort as people tend to use brand names while searching for content. Restricting the number of hashtags to a seven to nine is best to avoid the posts looking spammy. It is important to understand the meaning of hashtags well avoid usage of offensive or controversial terms, according to


By following the above-mentioned tips and by ensuring that your Instagram content is original, relevant, engaging, and adds value to the user, you can transform your Instagram account into a powerful marketing engine that can drive revenues and profits effectively.

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