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Importance of Mehndi and Mehndi Design

Mehndi plays an important role when it comes to functions, festivals, and other happy occasions but when we talk about the bridal mehndi then it gives goosebumps to all of us. The pre-wedding ritual of mehndi is so precious because it is considered as the good luck sign in the life of both the groom and the bride. Mehndi is not just for good luck but it’s also considered as a medical proven herb. By applying the mehndi on the hand helps to cool down the nails and also helps us to reduce the headache, fever, and stress. It acts as the safeguard of the groom and bride before marriage from any viral disease. Mehndi design for a new bridal is available but let us discuss the history. 

History of mehndi design 

The mehndi art has been introduced from the Vedic time period, it is the oldest art for the body part of the human. The mehndi is considered the oldest art for the body part of the human; the best mehndi design has been introduced from the past Vedic era. Nowadays we consider tattoos as the modern art for the body parts but Heena and mehndi have their own importance. People used to consider simple and easy design and somewhere simple. 

Trends and type of bridal mehndi design 

The mehandi design comes for the palm and the feet but the trend changes we use to cover arms and half helps when it comes to bridal mehandi design. In order to consider the design of the mehndi, there are vast designs available like Arabic design, Rajasthanimehandi design, Easy design, tattoo design, and crystal design. But the traditional style never faded so most people add some of this type of modern design with traditional style. The traditional design consists of floral prints and some religious symbols and ritual pictures on the hands. 

How color and rituals matters in mehndi design for bridal

The color of the mehndi after washing the hands is also considered to be important. According to the ritual, the darker the color the more the mother in law loves them. Yes, this sounds so interesting. Also, it shows the love between the two couples and how much they love each other. Also. According to the rituals the bride is not allowed to work in her husband’s home until the mehndi color has faded. So. because of this mehandi design plays such an important role because it also helps to interact with the other people because everyone asks the very first question about the mehndi and looks at the mehndi design thoroughly. The front hand design should be relatable to the back cover known as full coverage design is considered adorable and the name of the groom has been written on the bride’s hand and vice versa this is also included in the ritual. 


So, in this way mehndi and easy design plays an important role in a bride’s life. Wish you all the best for the new journey of life. And hope best for the design of the mehndi as well as the color of the mehndi on the palm of your hand. Stay away from viral diseases. For the latest design for the new bridal click here

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mehndi design image


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