What Should Be Your Marketing Strategies During Covid-19?

Covid19 has bring lots of changes in our daily life as well in the strategies of the business. It is difficult to run the business during lockdown. Covid19 is an expected thing and people were unaware of this pandemic disease. Different kinds of businesses has to suffer a lot due to this pandemic all over the globe. After so many loss in the business market researchers have suggested some marketing strategies for business during Covid19. SEO Services Company in Lahore has managed their task using different marketing strategies and also suggests these strategies to the business industry.

Impact on customer purchasing behavior:

Before Covid19, a customer decides to purchase a simple and low price product with in few minutes and take two to three days to purchase a complex and high price product. But after covid19 this decision making period has extended to two to three weeks due to week purchasing power during this pandemic all over the globe. The purchasing power of the people decrease due to having no salary during pandemic. So, companies started working with emails, chat bots and maintain a communication with other channels to develop the new strategies during this pandemic. Many companies have reduced their advertising activities and the competition of marketing among different companies in the industry have fall badly. The organic traffic towards the business websites have reduced. Business have started selling their products at cheaper rates by offering sales on their product. To attract customer to purchase the same product at cheaper rates. 

Modification in email marketing during Covid19:

It is the responsibility of the business to remain in connection with the customer. But companies must avoid spreading fake news or hopes during this pandemic. The main purpose of remaining I touch with the customer is to make them realize that the business is still working and the company cares for their customers. New updates and regular alerts must be sent to the customer to maintain a strong connection. There is no need to talk about Corona and its precautions because the customer got frustrated by seeing the same stuff everywhere. The email only contains the necessary content related to the business. 

Impact of Covid19 on SEO:

The incoming organic traffic on many business websites have decreased badly due to decrease in the demand of the customer. But the traffic on the sites that were selling masks or sanitizers have increased. So, business have added many strategies in the marketing like they have sanitizers or marks in their products that were selling utility items. Sanitizer were specially added as a new product line in many existing businesses. It is a strategy to remain in touch with the customer during this pandemic. 

Saving money while doing work on SEO:

Due to shortage of budget during this pandemic, many companies have started posting their links on free sites for the purpose of marketing. Small business those who have never use content as a strategy of marketing can write content by their selves or can hire writers for writing content related to the product as it is not so expensive. Articles containing the suggestion about particular product can attract the customer towards the website. 

Marketing Through Messenger during Covid19:

The marketing budget has been reduced by the companies during this pandemic all over the globe. Therefore, most of the companies left many strategies to reduce this budget. The reason behind this was a rapid decrease in the number of customers and the number of sales. There was no customer to sell the products during this situation. But companies must maintain a continuous relationship with the customer either the business is working or not. It creates an image in the mind of the customer that the company has remained in touch with the customer during such a situation. When the situation comes to normal, the customer will first respond to that company. 

Impact on Social Media Marketing during Covid19:

The sellers who were only dealing with offline customers have to suffer a lot because they were unable to open their markets in the lockdown. During this pandemic, they have started using social media platforms for the selling of their products. Facebook and Instagram were being used by such sellers and they were doing a live sessions to sell their products. So modern and quite chap approaches were adopted by offline sellers to run their business in such kinds of circumstances. So, there is a change in the marketing techniques of many businesses during the time period of covid19.


There was a slight diversion in the marketing techniques of many companies due to this pandemic all over the globe. The companies were not only aim to sell their products but the main purpose was to remain in touch with the customer to gain their loyalty.

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