5 Killer Strategies to Enhance Your Conversion Rate Optimization

The ultimate goal of all the CRO (conversion rate optimization) strategies is to turn the visitors on the website into action takers. Now the action does not only mean purchasing a product. It also refers to subscribing to a newsletter or leaving their contact details for updates in a form.

If you are able to get these desired actions from the website visitors and eventually they boost the sales of your company, your CRO strategies are working just fine. However, you always need to improve things as trends and strategies are always evolving. You will have to leverage new technologies and channels. 

While crafting your marketing strategy, don’t focus on just reaching out to your customers, you also need to draw the entire strategy around them. Moreover, this applies to each small and big ingredient of your strategy. For instance, if you are creating a Spectrum availability map, aim not to just offer this info, but craft the info in a way as your customer wants it. This will help you have a personalized relationship with your customers. 

5 Effective Strategies for Your CRO 

  1. Use Social Proof and FOMO Tactics.
  2. Keep a Keen Eye on the Bounce Rates.
  3. Incorporate Video Content Creatively to Grab Customers’ Attention.
  4. Add a Personalized Touch to Your Content.
  5. Use Reviews and Testimonials to Engage Your Customers.

Use Social Proof and FOMO Tactics 

Want to turn visitors into buyers? You need to incorporate a sense of urgency or countdown to make them take quick buying decisions. For instance, you can mention a small number of articles available in stock along with the Add to Cart tab. When a customer sees that there is a stock shortage, he would delay purchasing the product. 

By inducing fear of missing out or FOMO, users especially millennials are easily pushed to buy it. Learn quirky and creative ways to implement the FOMO tactic for your brand. You can also offer a discount or promo call to action for a limited time with the red font to draw attention. Adding reduced-price validity with a clock showing count down is also a good idea. 

Keep a Keen Eye on the Bounce Rates  

If you have practicing an effective set of SEO practices to draw customers, you may get tons of traffic. But the real challenge is to retain their attention and engage them. If the content or products do not engage them, you will experience a high bounce rate despite high volumes of traffic and visitors.  

Therefore, consider this a challenge to deal with on an urgent basis. Scrutinize the reasons behind the high bounce rate. Here are some things that may help you get the relevant insights. 

  • Is your website mobile-optimized?
  • Is your home page cluttered and tight-packed? It may irritate the customers.
  • Are the UI, design, fonts, and color too overwhelming? 
  • Have you added various types of content on a single page?
  • Paying attention to aesthetics is important. 
  • Is the navigation user friendly and smooth?
  • Have you used quality images and video content?

Pay attention to all these aspects and make improvements accordingly. 

Incorporate Video Content Creatively to Grab Customers’ Attention 

Video content is a rage these days. Brands are leveraging video content on social media and websites to engage their customers. According to a study, effective video content can spike the visitor’s intent to buy by as much as 97%!

This stat is hard to ignore and you need to take it seriously. Consider adding video snippets on each product page. For instance, clothing brands have added video snippets featuring models wearing the products. And those snippets are only 5-10 seconds longs. Quick and effective!

Moreover, add quality videos on your landing page too. It is a quick way to grasp customers’ attention. Be creative with the video style and keep them crisp, concise, and catchy. 

Add a Personalized Touch to Your Content 

Incorporating keywords is an essential SEO hack. However, an overload of keywords will make your content lose its quality. And the last thing you want to do is to bore your users with monotonous and robotic content. Therefore, keep the content-specific, catchy, and engaging. 

If the visitor is interested in a particular product and needs more clarity, instead of adding product details in long chunks of content, adding a live chat functionality is a good option. 

Make sure you keep the content personalized, basic, and brief. 

Use Reviews and Testimonials to Engage Your Customers 

Understand the customer psyche. They are always reluctant to invest in a product that has never been tried and tested before. That is exactly why user reviews and testimonials are highly popular among shoppers. 

Suppose I need the number for Spectrum to subscribe to an internet plan online. I will make sure I skim through reviews and testimonials about their services as well before I subscribe to a package. That is how customer psyche works. My final decision will rely on those reviews. 

In other words, testimonials are solid proofs that certain service or product is reliable and trustworthy. By adding reviews, ratings, and testimonials, you will build your customers’ trust in your products. Therefore, put some effort to add professional-looking and visually appealing testimonials. 

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