Leather vs. Textile Cruiser Jackets

Motorcycle jackets come in a variety of materials and styles, which can make it difficult to decide whether you want leather or textile. The answer depends on what kind of riding you do, the weather you ride in and where you like to ride. Let’s break it down to help you find cruiser jackets that fit your needs. 

Pros and Cons of Leather Motorcycle Jackets 

Some people believe that the best mens motorcycle jackets are made of leather. Leather jackets are classic, regardless of the type of riding you do. Leather usually offers more protection than textiles. Leather jackets can be worn on or off the bike without making you stand out. Good quality leather jackets can be very pricy. If you are purchasing a leather jacket for protection, you want to get a good one. Leather requires more maintenance than most textiles, but it will be warmer in cooler weather. Make sure to purchase a jacket that is designed for riding, not simply styled as a motorcycle bike. 

Pros and Cons of Textile Motorcycle Jackets 

Textile jackets can be just as strong and abrasive-resistant as leather motorcycle jackets, making them a good choice for riders who eschew animal products. The biggest advantage of textile jackets is the price. They tend to be much less expensive than leather. They’re also easier to clean. A big disadvantage is that they can be expensive to repair. Textile jackets tend to be lighter than leather, and they are more weather resistant. If you like to ride when it’s wetter, a textile jacket might be preferable. 

Why a Motorcycle Jacket Is an Investment

A motorcycle jacket isn’t just to keep you warm on your bike. Your motorcycle jacket is a line of defense in case you fall. Good motorcycle jackets have added padding in high impact areas. Some motorcycle jackets come with reflective gear that offers extra safety. Your motorcycle jacket also protects you against the wind, bugs and sun when you’re riding, for added comfort. Whether you’re riding around town or out for a long ride across the country, you want to be comfortable on the bike. 

Tips on Finding a Great Fitting Motorcycle Jacket 

You can’t simply try on a motorcycle jacket like you would a winter parka. The fit requirements are a little different. A motorcycle jacket should be long enough to rest on your thighs on the bike, but closer to your belt line when you are standing. Pay extra attention to sleeve length. When you’re riding, the sleeves of the jacket need to rest at your wrists. When you’re standing, the end of the sleeve may be at your mid-palm. The collar of the jacket should fit tight enough to close securely, but not so tight that you can’t breathe easily. A loose collar is a danger to your neck, and it will let in bugs, rain and wind. Generally speaking, you want a jacket that fits loosely enough to let you layer clothes under it, but you don’t want a jacket too big. You also want a jacket that makes you comfortable. Leaving your jacket at home doesn’t help you at all. 

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