iPhone Insurance: How to Get your iPhone insured in India

According to recent data, the market for iPhones grew at a rate of 126% in the first quarter of 2020, thereby claiming a 33% share in the premium smartphone segment. This increase in the sale of Apple smartphones can be attributed to the host of attractive features. 

For instance, these phones come with a voice-activated virtual assistant called Siri, which can aid users to perform several tasks. Users can thus take its help in finding a restaurant, making a phone call, sending and checking emails and text messages, translating foreign language to English, and so on. Users can also access more than 3,50,000 applications on iTunes Apple store, which will also enable them to do other activities with their phone.

Nevertheless, one should be extremely cautious when it comes to his/her iPhone screen, which is delicate and prone to easy damage. Also, as the prices of these Apple smartphones are on the higher side, the cost of repairing and replacing the screen can be relatively high. To avoid financial strain, one can thus consider opting for an iPhone insurance plan

One can follow the steps given below to get their iPhone insured online in India –

Step 1: Visit the insurance provider’s official web portal.

Step 2: Select the online insurance application form and enter the requisite information such as name, IMEI number, contact information, address, etc.

Step 3: After entering these details, you will receive an OTP on the provided mobile number.

Step 4: Enter the OTP in the designated space to authenticate policy purchase.

Step 5: After authenticating, you can complete your purchase by paying the premium amount through any of the payment gateways like mobile wallets, credit or debit card, UPI, etc.

Features of mobile screen insurance policy

Given below are some of the features that one can avail under an Apple iPhone insurance plan – 

  • Substantial financial Coverage

A mobile phone screen insurance plan will provide financial coverage of up to 100% of the invoice value for screen replacement or repair.

Additionally, the Apple iPhone insurance plan will also provide compensation for more than one instance of screen breakage as well as provide coverage for the following – 

  • Breakdown cover

An iPhone protection plan will cover the costs of mobile screen replacement or repair due to any unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Apart from the mobile screen, a charger is also an essential part of a smartphone. However, in case of damage, purchasing a low-priced charger won’t perform as well as the original one and may also reduce its battery efficiency. Hence, individuals should consider opting for a mobile charger insurance policy as well to cover the cost of purchasing a new charger so that they can continue with their daily activities in a hassle-free way.

  • Device security

As mentioned above, iPhones enable an individual to perform an array of activities such as online shopping, digital payment, sending emails, and so on. Accordingly, users store a lot of essential details on their phone, which if lost, can lead to severe consequences.

iPhones are also popular because they come with end-to-end security. However, there are rare cases when iPhones may be exposed to security threats which can lead to a loss or theft of data.

Consequently, a Fonesafe Mobile Screen Protection policy provided by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions provides several security features for all-around protection to the smartphone. Some of these features include – antivirus and anti-malware protection, scream alarm, remote lock and remote data wiping, fraudulent website protection, etc.

  • Accidental damage cover

One can also avail compensation in case of any accidental damage such as theft, burglary, fire or as specified by the insurance provider to cover the cost of repairing or replacing their mobile screen.

Besides iPhone insurance from Apple, users can also opt for additional insurance plans for improved protection to devices. Like, a home protection cover can help avail coverage against theft and burglary in case of accidental damages to other valuable electric gadgets like laptop, DSLR camera, and so on.

  • Multiple payment options

Insurance providers also offer multiple digital payment options to customers. For instance, while opting for an Apple protection plan for iPhone, one will have the option to pay the premium via payment methods like net banking, mobile wallets, UPI, credit, or debit card.

Smartphone companies like Apple offer an extended warranty during the purchase of an iPhone for replacement or repair of the product. Customers should not confuse an Apple iPhone insurance plan with such an extended warranty because of the similarity in the functions performed. They should also read the terms and conditions of their insurance policy before opting for one.

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