The True Essence of Christmas Decoration

The auspicious season of Christmas is soon arriving so thus we will welcome new enthusiasm, optimism and fresh start of our life. It is a festival of togetherness with family, awaiting the arrival of reindeer driven cart eagerly, singing and dancing plump Santa Claus with the gifts. 

Christmas time brings up positivity and happiness around. Why do we take up so much of hassle to decorate interiors and exteriors of our dwellings with all these beautiful decorative embellishments? 

Charm Your Celebration with Exotic Decoration 

With Christmas just around the corner, continue reading to find out the significance behind different decoration items used during the Christmas-

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree has historically been the mark of signifying life, renaissance and endurance required to survive unforgiving winters. In Roman cultures, people also worshipped as a symbol of immortality, and ward off evil spirits. Down the decades, the tree was brought inside the house. People decorate it with lights and apples which symbolize lighting up the dark and shooting away the spirits. 

The Candles

Candles symbolize the Light of the world (Christ) dispelling the darkness. Although in the modern era, electric lights have replaced candles though the significance remains the same. 

The Star 

Often a large star, all in glitters, beautiful, positioned on the top of the tree represents the shining star of Bethlehem that guided the three wise men to reach the stable where Jesus was born. People also replace the star with an angel to symbolize the angel who announced Christ’s birth. 

The Santa Claus

We all know this big and plump man, who is always laughing, dressed in red, riding the sleigh and carrying a big bag of gifts for children. One can trace the legend back to hundreds of years to a saint named St. Nicholas, who was famous for his love towards children. He further gained fame he started secretly helping the poor, children and even prisoners. Hence, the tale of Santa Claus began distributing gifts to the children.

The Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings are used to attract children as they hang the socks so that Santa would fill them up with gifts and candies. It was known that St. Nicholas used to help people in secret, and hence this custom of hanging stocking at night started. 

Christmas Colours

There are few colours traditionally tied to Christmas decorations. Even though Christmas comes in peak winters, green colour is used everywhere as one of the prominent colours. Romans used to gift evergreen plants as a sign of good luck. Green colour signifies the promise of life and spring. Hence, pine trees, holly, ivy, and mistletoe are some of the widely used plants/trees further decorated with apples and nuts.

Since Apples and holly berries are fruits of winters (readily available), are used for vibrant decorations and hence the colour red. The red colour is also famous because of Santa’s dress. One assumes that St. Nicholas attire always had red colour in it. Because of the importance of red colour, a beautiful poinsettia plant with red leaves is quite famous these days as a Christmas plant. 

One of the famous stories about St. Nicholas tells us about him giving away gold secretly to poor and hence yellow/gold colour is used to signify that. In addition, this colour is used to represent royalty and wealth. Since Christmas falls in peak winters with scares sunshine, yellow/gold colour decorations in homes believe in bringing warmth. There is another story about gold being given as one of the gifts by the wise men at the time of Christ’s birth. 

You can equate white colour with the prevalence of snow. White also denotes purity and innocence. White holds a special place in winter festivals. Christians also at times cover their homes with white to signify welcoming of Christ.

Candy Canes and Bells

Jesus was always considered as the shepherd of man. Hence, the traditional red and white striped candy cane is used to represent the staff of a good shepherd. The white symbolises purity and sinless nature, whereas red represents the pain and suffering Jesus had to endure. Earlier in the 1900s, similar candy sticks were used during church services to be handed out to children to keep them quiet. This custom, later on, spread across. The sticks were being given to family, friends and relatives as a holiday treat.

Christmas signifies Hope and Happiness 

Christmas is an essential and significant time of the year. Many celebrate it with great pomp and show, but many are not able to celebrate it with the same intensity due to their low financial status.

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The Best time of the year

This festival of Christmas brings hope and positivity for everybody. People from all around the world come together and celebrate the good things that they have and spread happiness everywhere.

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