10 Great Myths Surrounding Expert Carpet Cleaning

There is so much news going around, causing people not to believe in the efficacy of a deep pro clean for carpets. You may have been told some of these unfounded beliefs and may have decided against going to the experts for carpet cleaning in London. While one or two poor services could have been the reason for these myths, those that don’t know much about and are not experienced in carpet cleaning may also be responsible for this misinformation. But in the midst of all these, certain people no longer trust carpet cleaning outfits.

Prolonging the service life of your carpet demands that you take very good care of and maintain them. Don’t you know that the kind of cleaning an expert gives to your carpet is far more penetrating than what you do yourself? The time is right to debunk those myths and embrace the effectiveness of a true professional carpet care service.

Check out these 10 myths about cleaning carpets

  • It brings more dirt: If your carpet is deep cleaned by qualified experts, there is no way it would get dirty. But when you hire poorly experienced cleaners, it is bound to happen. The cleaning products used by professionals like us are carefully handpicked to ensure a smooth transition from dirty to clean without leaving any residue, trace of stain and dirt behind. Most importantly, these products are non-toxic and will keep your carpet beautiful for a long time.
  • Excessive vacuum-cleaning causes damage to the carpet: Modern-day carpets are produced from dense and quality fibres or fabrics which are designed to tolerate the pressure from vacuum cleaners. But there are high-powered vacuums which may not encourage everyday use. We do recommend you vacuum one time every week, or more if necessary. Our experts can take out a huge chunk of debris from your carpets even if they are used in the busiest of places. The machines we use are standard and efficient. No harm will come to your carpet.
  • My carpet appears to be clean; no cleaning is required: When dirt and dust attack your carpet, they don’t reside on the surface. They go deep down to settle, especially if you don’t clean your carpet frequently. So you may not know how much dirt is in there by merely looking at your carpet. If you leave it that way, by the time you realise your carpet fibres have been abrased, the colour fades away, and it looks old and tired.
  • Calling in the pros isn’t necessary: The equipment and products used by experts in carpet cleaning are more powerful than the regular home cleaning tools. They have more capacity to remove rubbish from your carpet without changing its designed framework. We have up-to-date cleaning machines and agents for optimum carpet cleaning results. It takes a trial to show you what we can do.
  • Professionals charge a lot: Exceptional service will cost more. Should you want a great carpet cleaning, you may have to spend some extra cash. It’s like that with everything.
  • Carpets can be cleaned using stain removers: So many stain remover products on the market contain harsh ingredients that put your carpet at risk. This is why we don’t encourage the use of these.
  • My carpets can be cleaned with deodorisers: Talc is the main ingredient in powder-based carpet deodorants, and it doesn’t dissolve in water. Frequent usage makes talcum powder fill up in your carpet fibres. This is one of the issues pro carpet cleaners face. The powder causes white stains to appear when drying the carpet, and they are not easy to take out.
  • Carpets ignite allergic reactions: This is not completely true. People can be allergic to a lot of things, including pet dander, dust, mould, pollens, etc. Do you or your family member have an in-house allergy, then what you need is a professional carpet cleaning that eradicates all these triggers so that you can live or work in a hygienic and healthy environment. 
  • Carpets take days to dry with professional cleanin: It is not true that post expert cleaning will require days to dry out your carpets. In our experience, a qualified carpet cleaner will not use a machine that will wet your carpet too much. What does this mean? A couple of hours after cleaning, your carpet will dry off completely. This technique is actually the best, and that’s what we offer our clients both private and commercial. We don’t use substandard machines to carpet clean! Part of our pro services is time-efficiency, meaning less time to clean and dry carpets. You really should research any company you want to hire before going ahead with the job to get excellent results. Not every carpet cleaning enterprise can give effective and reliable deep clean.
  • Carpets re-soiling is faster after cleaning: This will not happen if the right product, machine and procedure are followed for carpet cleaning. A quick re-soil is only possible when the chemicals are used in the wrong amount for the stains and spots being treated. Another reason is if the cleaning products used are not completely extracted after cleaning. You will discover a residue that’s sticky, which will trap dirt and make all the effort fruitless. To this end, it takes only an experienced professional carpet cleaner to deliver a satisfactory job. Carpet cleaning requires expertise, and without that, it won’t work effectively.

Having explained all these misconceptions, it is our belief that you now know what is true and what isn’t. For your London carpet cleaning, always seek the best cleaner possible. It is far better to spend more and get a quality job than pay less and pay more later on for a less stellar job. 

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