Cam Newton Explains His Latest Fashion Statement: “I’m Grown”

Cam Newton had been under a microscope since the beginning of his career. But he’s never found much success on the field as a quarterback and has lost some popularity for his attitude. He’s recently decided to try a new look and focus on being “grown” instead of being famous. In this article, Cam discusses his style, from wearing cornrows to rocking a red-colored undercut and beard combination that would make many other NFL players green with envy! Cam Newton is a good dude. He’s got an upbeat personality, and even though he is currently one of the most scrutinised athletes in the world, he doesn’t let it affect him too much.

“I’m trying to be more grown-up,” Newton said after a recent game. “I haven’t had a haircut since I was about 4 or 5 years old, and I had that look going on for a while.”

Cam Newton Hairstyle

Cam Newton has had an exciting hair-do recently. He dyed his hair blonde, which was a bold move for him. Many people criticised him, and he still doesn’t regret doing it. Cam said he wanted to be “grown” for the season, meaning that he wanted to “be real.” It’s too early in the year to see where this hair colour is going, but Cam says that he’s committed to making sure his style isn’t just about football. Via @CamNewton13: “I committed to the game, but my commitment is to the people. I’m going to do what I have to do for this team. But I’m also going to be real with where I am in my life.”

Now that’s a good hair-do! Cam Newton is wearing blue and white. He has said he loves blue so he might have found a new favourite. The jersey also has “Cam” on the back with a Cam Newton logo on the front. The helmet has his signature number “1” on it.

It’s orange and black, an exciting combination for him to wear again. People were saying that Cam would be seen in a lot of gold or silver this season. This isn’t that. It’s a nice helmet, though, and it won’t get dirty as his other helmets did. I don’t think he’ll be wearing that color combination every week, but maybe they’ll pull out the orange occasionally. Immediately when people look at this helmet, they think of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. 

Newton had a lot of success with the Panthers in his rookie season. After all of the injuries he has suffered since then, it looks like he could have a breakout year for February 10, 2013. are pleased with this Cam Newton helmet for 2013 even though it doesn’t have gold or silver highlights. When we look closer at the Cam Newton helmet, we see that it has slightly darker red and a darker blue visor and undervisor. The team’s logo is white on the front, black on the sides with a depth line drawing in the grass along the lower chin guard area, and a white line above the logo. The Cam Newton football helmet is made out of high-quality composite material. 

This is the first season since 2011 that the Carolina Panthers don’t have a camo helmet, but they do offer plenty of other helmet options. Are pleased with this Cam Newton Elite Helmet for 2014 even though it doesn’t have gold or silver highlights. When we look closer at the Cam Newton Elite helmet, we see that it has slightly darker red and a darker blue visor and undervisor. The team’s logo is rendered in white on the front of the Cam Newton Elite helmet, with a single line above it. The Carolina Panthers use a blue visor with this Cam Newton helmet, which is similar to the silver-tinted one used on most of their alternate helmets over the last few years. It has also been reported that this Cam Newton helmet will have an emblem on the side of the helmet that features a black outline and gold dragon. 

The rear of the Cam Newton Elite helmet has three stripes painted in white, while the sides of the helmet have a slight stripe painted in black behind the NFL shield emblem. The backside of the helmet has an Alliance flag with a blue and orange background behind it, and this Cam Newton Elite helmet also features a large Alliance logo on both sides. This logo has been a part of the team’s helmets since 2013, when they introduced it as their primary logo, replacing the now-defunct Carolina Panthers logo on their helmet.

Cam Newton News

Cam Newton, a Carolina Panthers quarterback and Super Bowl MVP, officially announced the end of his childhood on Instagram this week. In a photo posted to Instagram, Cam is wearing a shirt that declares, “I’m Grown.” He is sporting oversized sunglasses and holding an ice cream cone while sitting in an inflatable pool chair in Miami. The post marks the beginning of his journey into adulthood and fashion.

Why does Cam Newton have a curly hairstyle?

Cam Newton has been known to have a unique fashion sense. His latest hairstyle was seen on the GQ magazine cover, and it’s one of his most popular hairstyles yet. Melvin Graham, a well-known hair stylist who has worked with hip-hop stars like Jay-Z, is the man behind this hairstyle. He described the look as “curly” and said he wanted to give Cam’s hair some life by using the curl pattern in his haircut. 

Curly Hairstyle

The first thing Cam Newton did when he got to his post-game press conference explained why he decided to get a little wild with his hair last night. He said it was just something he wanted to do, and it was a “grown man’s” decision. So, it’s not exactly like he showed up to a job interview with his hair in a ponytail.

The NFL fined Newton $5,000, and the Carolina Panthers will pay an additional $50,000. Newton violated league rules regarding unsportsmanlike conduct when he threw the ball at Saints coach Sean Payton after getting sacked by Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan in the fourth quarter of New Orleans’ 28-16 victory over the Panthers. 

Newton said he intended to get the ball away from Payton, but it looks like NFL officials see it differently. Newton tweeted that he was “disappointed” with the NFL’s fine in response to the ruling.”I’m disappointed because I know I didn’t put my hands on anyone,” Newton said. “It is what it is. It’s a learning experience for me, and I’ll take full knowledge of my actions. I thank God every day for allowing me to have this opportunity and this platform. 

Cam newton video

Cam Newton posted a video to his Instagram account with a new caption: “I’m Grown.” Cam is wearing a shirt from designer Jeremy Scott and Nike shoes in the video. In December 2015, Newton was named the 2015 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year. He also received a 2014 ESPY Award for Best Breakthrough Athlete and the Jim Thorpe Trophy for his college football performance. In 2016, Newton won his first MVP award and was named the Associated Press All-Pro First Team, Pro Football Writers Association All-Pro First Team, and The Sporting News All-Pro First Team. In that same year, he was named to the Sporting News NFL. On March 8, 2018, Newton signed a four-year contract extension with the Carolina Panthers.

Newton was raised by his mother Tina and his older sister Nicole in Atlanta’s affluent Decatur neighborhood. He attended Northside High School, often playing football on Saturdays in nearby Druid Hills. He was a letterman in football and track & field, earning All-State honors twice as a linebacker before taking time off to focus on academics; he earned AP All-American honorable mention honors as a junior and senior. He was also a standout track & field athlete, winning State Championships in the triple jump and long jump during his senior year. Newton’s brother Marcus is also a quarterback for the Clemson Tigers football team. Newton attended the University of Florida. 

As a true freshman in 2006, he started one game against Kentucky before breaking his wrist early in the second quarter. He was named co-SEC Freshman of the Week after throwing for 459 yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions on 20-of-34 passing against South Carolina. Newton played in 11 games from 2006 to 2007, starting nine of them, and throwing for 1,945 yards, 13 touchdowns, and ten interceptions. Against Florida State in the Gator Bowl, he threw one interception on his first pass attempt (which was returned for a touchdown) and finished with 119 yards on 12 completions. 

He made an incredible comeback from being completely shut down by the Seminoles’ defense on a play early in the fourth quarter, where he was battered by three defenders and fumbled the ball. He ran for a 13-yard touchdown on his first playback, then connected with fullback Jason Spitz on a short pass the following play, and Newton followed that up with a 22-yard touchdown to tight end R.J. Harris after running out of bounds. 


Cam Newton has been known to take a stand on social issues. In an interview with GQ Magazine, he explained his latest fashion statement: “I’m grown.” He also discussed how he doesn’t want to be defined by his clothes or what he does for a living. He says that “If you’re not comfortable in your skin, it’s going to show.”

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