3 Things You Must Know Before Building A Granny Flats In Your Backyard

Granny flats are a great extension to any existing house particularly if you need extra space, a place for your kids or elderly relatives to live, or simple investment property. This completely self-contained home addition is designed on the same property of land as your primary residence and can share the backyard area or be separated from it by fencing. If you’re thinking about adding this modest place to your house, it’s a good idea to do a certain study first to escape certain potential mistakes. There are three things you must know before constructing a granny flat in your backyard, and the following advice by Granny Flat Solutions will assist you. House extensions Melbourne for many decades has worked to render you house designs you love.

  1. Can I put one in my backyard?- This is a commonly asked query, and there isn’t much detail available to help you consider what’s involved. When constructing a granny flat, make sure you have enough room in your backyard to accommodate the structure. Measure the area you want to build in, sketch it out, and mark it down from all the borders (fences, pools, houses, trees, etc.). Although this will seem to be a time-consuming process, it will make selecting your flat layout much easier later. Bear in mind that when it comes to developing a granny flat, councils have specific rules, which brings us to our next stage.
  2. Council Regulations:- When it comes to constructing a granny flat in your backyard, there are various construction and design rules. Since there are various overlays on everyone’s house, all councils in Victoria have different rules, so it’s better if you contact or visit your own council; you’ll want to talk with both the housing authority and the planning department. Housing departments are more concerned with the structure (the unit must comply with all building codes and Australian Standards) and the location of the actual flat, which is why a permit is required. Coatings (heritage, wildfire, etc.) are handled by the planning department, which can grant a development permit if necessary. Since building permission is provided for all granny flats in Melbourne, this service should be provided at the final cost of your flat. However, because city strategy is not needed for everyone, this service will not be provided in the cost, however, the firm you choose should be able to provide it.
  3. Choosing a Company:- So you’ve decided to begin searching for someone to begin constructing a granny flat in your backyard, so who do you look for? Start by looking at prototypes that fit your needs; if you can’t find what you’re searching for, some businesses will let you build your own unit. Check for basic designs if browsing at plans; the simpler the design, the more economical it will be; make sure you have quite enough space in the rooms, and go over the list to make sure it contains anything you need. You might also suggest constructing a smaller house yourself or finding an organization that offers kit granny flats, which are prefabricated and cost less.


As you can see, there are a few logistics to figure out before you start building a granny flat, but if you follow these three guidelines, the process should be pretty straightforward. These self-contained homes are available in a variety of designs and can be interior designed in any way you choose, allowing you to use whatever colors, finishes, and materials you want.

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